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DUI Defense in Chandler

Clients of Rosenstein Law Group receive the benefits of our signature aggressive DUI defense. Every case is fact-specific and we cannot promise specific outcomes. However, we can reassure our new clients of the dedication that we commit to our clients. We have helped many DUI defendants obtain outstanding results such as:

  • Reduced charges
  • Dismissed cases
  • Acquittal at trial

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Aggressive Defense of People Charged With DUI

We achieve these favorable outcomes for our clients through tried-and-tested methods. Services rendered through our legal representation include:

  • Thorough review of every known fact and detail regarding your Chandler DUI arrest
  • Strategizing to design a defense strategy that we consider appropriate for each case and most likely to bring about the best result
  • Scrutiny of every aspect of the Breathalyzer or blood tests that the police administered to you and a comprehensive review of all forensic evidence. We take nothing for granted.
  • Blood sampling experts, toxicology specialists and police officers to provide expert testimony in cases where there is a possibility of defective testing procedures

Attorney Craig Rosenstein is also certified in forensic blood and urine testing and Intoxilyzer 8000 and field sobriety testing [FST]. He is a well-qualified evaluator of the validity of your chemical testing results. He demands that his lawyers apply the same level of experience and diligence to every case.

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To learn about our aggressive defense approach to DUI charges, contact Rosenstein Law Group today. From law offices in Scottsdale, we represent clients throughout southern Arizona, including Chandler and other communities.

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“Craig is my hero and he saved my career and my future. I got stopped in Tempe and was charged with a regular DUI. Craig questioned the validity of the stop and was able to get it reduced to a reckless driving charge…”

“Dear Mr. Rosenstein, Having talked to you this day, I determined that you were right in your decision on my case. I appreciate and thank you…”

Thank you again for helping settle this matter for me. I appreciate all you guys did on my behalf…”

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