First-Offense DUI – Chandler

A first-offense DUI arrest and charges can be frightening. The good news is that Rosenstein Law Group has a strong track record in DUI defense. We know how important it is for you to act quickly and decisively after a first-time DUI arrest.

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The Serious Consequence of a DUI Conviction

Make no mistake: These are serious criminal charges. Even a first-time offense in Arizona may result in jail time, prison time, probation, three-month license suspension, ignition interlock on your car, alcohol treatment or counseling and high fines. In the long run, other negative consequences may include problems obtaining employment, keeping professional licenses, getting security clearance and coping with increased auto insurance rates.

An aggressive defense offers your best chance at a favorable outcome such as:

  • Keeping your driving privileges
  • Getting your charges reduced
  • Getting evidence thrown out
  • Getting your case dismissed

Every case is fact-specific and no specific results can be promised in any criminal matter. Nonetheless, if you have had a clean record up until now, you have a prime opportunity to preserve that record if your lawyer succeeds in getting your case dismissed or your charges reduced to a lesser traffic offense such as reckless driving.

Chandler First Offense? Our DUI Lawyers Offer Free Consultations.

Were you arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Chandler? First offense? We urge you to act now to protect your good record and good name. Contact us at our Scottsdale law offices by phone or e-mail.


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