Super Extreme DUI – Chandler

You may have been charged with “super extreme” DUI after an arrest in Chandler when your breath, urine or blood test results indicated that you had a blood alcohol level of .20 or higher. Your Chandler super extreme DUI attorney must work quickly and aggressively to seek to avoid the worst penalties such as:

  • Up to 180 days in jail
  • More than $3,000 in fines and a bill for your jail costs (often double or triple the fines)
  • License suspension for 90 days (with a work permit sometimes possible after 30 days)
  • Up to five years’ probation
  • Required ignition interlock device installation on your car for 18 months after reinstatement of your license

If this is your second super extreme DUI arrest, a conviction can bring a 180-day minimum sentence, a one-year driver’s license revocation (with no work permit allowed) and a 24-month required installation of an ignition interlock device on your car after you get your license back.

How have you arrived at being charged with super extreme DUI after a Chandler traffic stop? Regardless of the circumstances, the legal system considers you a serious danger to the public after testing for super extreme DUI. A drunk driving conviction at this level can seriously jeopardize your future. Seek experienced DUI defense after an arrest on charges of super extreme DUI in Chandler or elsewhere in Arizona.

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The Scottsdale-based Arizona criminal defense lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group have a strong track record of favorable results in super extreme DUI and other types of drunk driving cases. We advocate zealously on behalf of our clients in the face of Arizona’s tough DUI laws. If you were charged with super extreme DUI or aggravated DUI in Chandler or anywhere in the Phoenix area or beyond, we urge you to take action as soon as possible. Guard against the consequences of a super extreme DUI conviction.

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