DUI Arraignments – Chandler

For Chandler residents charged with DUI, we provide aggressive advocacy and what we consider “smart” representation. If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you must take immediate action before your arraignment (which is your first court date). Having an attorney involved prior to that hearing is vital in protecting your rights.

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DUI Arraignment Lawyer in Chandler

Upon receiving your ticket, you will notice a date for arraignment scheduled 30 to 60 days following the arrest. Securing the services of a Chandler DUI defense lawyer from Rosenstein Law Group means that we will appear on your behalf if you are not on bond.

We will confirm that you do not have to attend the arraignment and will provide the following to the court on your behalf:

  • Notice of legal representation
  • Request for a jury trial
  • The entering of a “not guilty” plea

Arraignments are held to advise you of your rights and to provide you the opportunity to respond to the charges against you. Responses include:

  • A not guilty plea — Asserting your constitutional right to remain silent and a presumption of innocence; the state must prove that you are guilty and a pretrial conference date is set.
  • A No contest plea — You do not contest the state’s charges against you, leading to a judgment of guilty and immediate sentencing.
  • Guilty plea

Failing to show up or not having a Chandler DUI attorney file the appropriate response results in a warrant for your arrest.

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