Field Sobriety Tests – Chandler

By carefully evaluating the validity of your Chandler field sobriety tests, the lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group may determine that the law enforcement officer was not justified in arresting you. Were there flaws in your Chandler drunk driving tests? If so, it may be possible to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a nonalcohol driving offense.

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We Challenge Roadside Drunk Tests and Chemical Testing Evidence

Do you suspect that the police officer who pulled you over was trying to make you incriminate yourself? You are right to question whether the “walk the line” test or the “pen gaze” test should have been used as a firm basis for your arrest and testing of your blood alcohol content (BAC). Every case is fact-specific and unique. Our law firm cannot promise a specific result in your case, but we can offer you the reassurance of a vigorous defense. We have proven successful at challenging field sobriety tests in Chandler and elsewhere in Arizona.

Get an Experienced Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer on Your Side

The stakes are high after you have been charged with drunk driving in Chandler. Field sobriety test validity should be unquestionable if an arresting police officer, a prosecutor, a judge and a jury are going to determine your future based on the results. Learn how our Scottsdale, Arizona-based DUI lawyers can help you after you were stopped, tested and charged in Chandler. Field sobriety test? Lawyer Craig Rosenstein can help determine whether your “walk the line” or “recite the alphabet backward” test was administered legally and how your case may be affected if there were irregularities.

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Our goals are the same as yours if our attorneys represent you: to keep you out of jail, to preserve or restore your driving privileges, to get your case dismissed or get penalties reduced.

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