DUI Consequences – Chandler

Drunk driving laws in Arizona are very strict. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered a serious crime with serious consequences. Beyond the legal consequences, the personal toll on an individual and on a family can be tremendous. Above all, seek to prevent the DUI arrest from turning into a DUI conviction.

DUI Consequences in Chandler

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Jail: Jail time is a real possibility if you have been charged with drunk driving in Chandler or anywhere in Arizona, even for a first-time offense.

Ignition interlock device requirement: You will have to pay for the device and the installation if you are ordered to install an interlock device in your car. Every time you start your vehicle, you’ll have to blow. Besides the expense and annoyance, you will continue to be under the watch of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Auto insurance rates: Your car insurance rates are likely to go up, and with a DUI conviction, you may be required to obtain SR-22 insurance for high-risk drivers.

Driver’s license suspension: The Arizona MVD will give you a minimum mandatory 90-day license suspension after a drunk driving arrest. A skilled attorney will seek to reduce this suspension. Contact us today to learn about ways to preserve or restore your driving privileges.

Fees and fines: DUI convictions are expensive; they can cost thousands of dollars in fees and fines as well as a bill to cover the cost of your jail time. You may see hiring a lawyer as a big expense at this time, but fines, fees and other expenses could easily add up to the cost of your legal fees or more.

After your DUI arrest, talk to a lawyer to learn how to avoid the most severe consequences. A skilled attorney familiar with implementing aggressive DUI defense can protect your rights and minimize the consequences you’ll face if convicted.

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