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Your Arizona Advocate in all Criminal and Drunk Driving Cases

Good people make mistakes. At Rosenstein Law Group, we work hard to ensure that one bad night does not destroy your future.

Arizona prosecutors are highly motivated to secure convictions in all criminal and DUI cases, and the state legislature continues to pass laws that impose increasingly severe punishments. Our criminal defense lawyers fight aggressively to prevent adverse outcomes that could impact your right to drive, your ability to work and provide for your family, and other important considerations.

An overly aggressive defense lawyer could do more harm than good to your situation. Charging at the prosecutor with brute force can often burn a bridge to a favorable result. Preliminary negotiations require a certain level of finesse in order to get a read on the prosecutor’s position. We know the Arizona prosecutors, and they know us. We are respected for the way we conduct our business, and we are proud of our reputation throughout the Arizona legal community.

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You can rely on us to do everything in our power to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf. We know when to negotiate and when to go to trial. Aggressiveness has its time and place, and it is aimed at the prosecutors, not our clients. We demand that the state proves its case. We will attack any weakness in its evidence and use it to strengthen your defense. Do not wait to speak with an attorney about your Arizona Criminal or DUI case. We regularly take evening and weekend appointments to accommodate our clients’ schedules. We offer free, no-risk initial consultations and, on approved credit, allow monthly installment payment plans for our DUI cases. We also accept all major credit cards.

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For detail-oriented, individualized representation in your Criminal or DUI case, call us today at (480) 248-7666 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation.

Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist

As part of our team, we also have a Criminal Law Specialist. The Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, which is part of the State Bar of Arizona, is responsible for setting the requirements for and regulating who is a Certified Legal Specialist in Arizona.  The board identifies lawyers who have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill, integrity, professionalism, and competence in a specific area of law, to better serve the public.

In order to be certified as a criminal law specialist, a lawyer must meet several minimum qualifications, including:

  • At least 7 years of practice;
  • A minimum of 10 felony jury trial trials, of which 5 involved a mandatory imposable sentence of 5 years or more;
  • A minimum of 15 evidentiary hearings involving substantial contested issues of law or fact;
  • A minimum of 5 appeals, petitions for post-conviction relief, petitions for habeas corpus relief, or motions to vacate or set aside sentence under 28 USC 2255.
  • Substantial current involvement in criminal law during the 5 preceding years;
  • Demonstrate a substantially complete knowledge of substantive law, rules of practice, procedure, evidence, and ethics pertaining to criminal law, along with a high degree of skill, thoroughness, preparation, effectiveness, professionalism, and judgment;
  • References;
  • Pass a formal written exam

Once certified, a criminal law specialist must recertify every 5 years.

Although other attorneys may practice exclusively in criminal law, board certified criminal law specialists are the only attorneys that are specifically identified by the Arizona State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as being Criminal Law Specialists.

DUI and Criminal Law Specialists

With your future and freedom at risk, the skills, knowledge and experience of your lawyer mean everything for your case. At our law firm, the only law firm in Northern and Central Arizona, with certified DUI and Criminal Law Specialists as part of the team. What does this mean? This means that our attorneys, have committed to meeting the most stringent standards in the industry. Our attorneys are recognized as true experts and specialists in their area of law practice. We have the only two board certified DUI defense attorneys in Maricopa County.

The National College for DUI Defense, a national organization, is recognized by the American Bar Association for the certification of specialists in DUI Defense.  It identifies lawyers who possess an enhanced level of skill and expertise in DUI Defense. In order to be certified as a criminal law specialist, the board identifies lawyers who have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill, integrity, professionalism, and competence in a specific area of law, to better serve the public. Board certification signals to outside parties that you have hired an attorney with significant legal experience that has also been subjected to extensive peer review.

With so much at stake, make sure you as our client can have confidence in your attorney to be an expert in their field and who is committed you every step of the way, working hard to seek the best possible case results for your specific situation.

Full-Service Law Firm Providing “White-Glove” Client Services

At the Rosenstein Law Group, we are a full-service law firm that provides “white-glove” client services and will handle every detail of your defense. we bring a different attitude and approach that has produced notable results. We take the time to fully explain what you can expect as your case moves forward and ensure that you understand your options. We offer sympathetic, nonjudgmental representation, and our entire focus is on limiting the ramifications you could face over the short and long term. We know that people who are charged with a drunk driving offense are more likely to need a criminal defense attorney at 3 a.m. than during traditional business hours. We also understand the fear and anxiety that our clients experience in these cases.

We work tirelessly to resolve your case in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible. We explore every facet of the prosecution’s case to find the one flaw that could provide the keys to your freedom. Please understand that there is hope in these situations and that your case is in the hands of the firm that will not stop fighting until the best possible outcome has been obtained. For detail-oriented, individualized representation in your Criminal or DUI case, call us today at (480) 248-7666 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation.

We Change Laws

When we come across unjust laws or laws being abused by prosecuting agencies, we don’t complain – we change the laws. Craig Rosenstein has worked tirelessly on criminal justice issues and regularly testifies at the Arizona legislature on criminal justice matters. We found that we were getting calls from clients distressed after their mugshots from their arrests were somehow easily found online and coming up high in Google searches.

To make matters worse, representatives from the websites that were optimizing these mugshots to appear online were contacting our clients and attempting to extort them for an exorbitant amount of money for their services to remove the mugshots. We felt this was highly unethical and extremely distressing for our clients, who are already dealing with a difficult situation and stressful time in their lives. We decided to act. At first, we worked on fighting each website individually, but this ended up being generally ineffective as these providers were just skating inside the law.

At this point, we decided to think outside the box, and we worked on a more effective and permanent solution. At the time, Craig Rosenstein was the president of the criminal justice organization Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice (AACJ). Our firm authored a bill and decided to team up with AACJ to work on getting this bill passed into law. On April 1, 201,9 Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2191 into law. The bill targeted mugshot website operators who are now defined as companies that publish a person’s mugshot or criminal justice record on a publicly available internet website for a commercial purpose.

However, legitimate news outlets, such as Arizona Republic, FOX, NBC, and ABC are excluded and allowed to use mug shots for legitimate news purposes. The law prohibits mugshot website operators from publishing individuals’ mugshots and other criminal justice information for pecuniary gain, but it gives victims of this predatory practice a right to sue them for damages if they violate this new law. We are proud to say that this was the first, but not the last time our firm will be instrumental in making Arizona a better place.

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