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Where were you arrested? A DUI is a state offense, but each jurisdiction handles them slightly differently.

Arizona DUI Defense Blog

Arizona county's DUI enforcement results in 129 arrests

When you drive south from the Valley of the Sun to Tucson, you'll spend much of that trip going through Pinal County. The county is like a neutral nation - Arizona's version of Switzerland - between our state's friendly rival major cities, Phoenix and Tucson.

Mesa police accused of using excessive force in DUI arrest

Last December, an Arizona woman was driving with a friend when she was pulled over by Mesa police officers because one of her taillights was out. The officers were part of an East Valley DUI Task Force initiative working the area around Broadway Road and Roosevelt Street in Tempe.

They said they smelled marijuana in the 32-year-old's car. According to the police, a breathalyzer test showed that her blood-alcohol content (BAC) was at 0.15 percent. In Arizona, a person can be arrested for DUI if their BAC is at 0.08 percent and above.

Arizona's complicated tiered DUI system

Arizona has some of the toughest DUI penalties in the country. The state uses a four-tier system for classifying DUI penalties.

Tier one: Standard DUI

In Arizona, you are considered legally impaired if your BAC is .08. However, if you are underage, the BAC limit is zero. You are charged with a standard DUI if your BAC is .08, or if you are a minor, and your BAC is .08 or lower. If convicted, you face not less than 10 days in jail and fines of no less than $1,250. You also will be required to complete alcohol education classes, do community service and install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

Arizona's Thirty-Day Car Impound Law

Many of our clients whom are arrested for certain types of DUI are shocked to find out in addition to having to face criminal charges and potential driver's license repercussions that they are also losing their vehicle for a whole month. This is due to a law in Arizona (Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-3511. The following are questions we are often asked about thirty-day car impounds.

Survey: Nearly half of us drink and shop

As we all know, alcohol can often have a calming effect on people and it can also loosen inhibitions. That is why it can be risky to shop after you've had a drink or two. According to a recent survey, nearly half of Americans said they have made a purchase online while under the influence of alcohol.

Of course, the risk of drinking and shopping is not nearly as dangerous as drinking and driving. All you risk with intoxicated shopping are puzzling purchases and credit card pain, while with drunk driving you are at risk of a DUI arrest, jail, losing your Arizona driver's license and much more.

Reasons to hire a private DUI defense attorney

Allow me to present a situation. You’re being arrested for a DUI and the officer reads you your Miranda Rights. When he reaches the last sentence, “If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you”, you inwardly feel slightly relieved. You might assume that hiring a private DUI defense attorney could be beyond your financial grasp. Knowing that you could still get a lawyer based on your ability to pay sounds too good to be true, right? 

Yes, unfortunately, it just might be. 

The many costs of a DUI in the Valley can be staggering

The costs of an Arizona DUI arrest can be staggering, a Phoenix TV station reported recently. The Arizona Department of Transportation says a first offense will result in a fine of thousands of dollars, plus the cost of required installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, the classes, and MVD compliance.

Police walk back claim made after Arizona Cardinals' GM DUI arrest

As we all know, the Fourth of July traditionally features fireworks, get-togethers with family and friends - and arrests for drinking and driving. One of those arrested this past holiday was Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim. We usually avoid celebrity gossip postings about famous people arrested for various charges. However, this one is important because of what has already occurred.

A Chandler police report originally claimed that Keim misidentified himself as the team's director of security after he was stopped. But after release of the officer's body camera footage of the DUI arrest, police reversed course and said the officer would correct the record.

Arizona expanding electronic search warrant system for suspected DUI

A significant change to Arizona law enforcement is on its way in just a few days. Police officers across the state will a nearly instantaneous means of obtaining search warrants that can be used in suspected drunk driving cases to require drivers to undergo blood tests.

The Arizona Supreme Court says that the Governor's Office of Highway Safety teamed up with Maricopa County Superior Court and 24 Valley police departments to fund development of an online electronic warrant system. The court has authorized statewide use of the electronic search warrants for patrolling police officers to check sobriety and obtain evidence starting August 1.

Just say "no" to these actions at DUI checkpoints in Arizona

The first time you do something is very often memorable. The first kiss, the first time you drove a car, the first paycheck, first apartment on your own, and so on. The first time you encounter a sobriety checkpoint is probably not high on the list of memorable firsts, however.

We play an active role in the civic life of the Phoenix metropolitan area.
We support Scottsdale's Taste of the Town festival that benefits the local chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association as well as the annual Toys for Tots campaign. Our firm also contributes to a number of other local organizations, including Home 'Fur' Good, a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating the euthanasia of adoptable homeless cats and dogs in Maricopa County.
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