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Where were you arrested? A DUI is a state offense, but each jurisdiction handles them slightly differently.

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No one drives around the Phoenix metro area hoping to get pulled over by a police officer. But if you drive long enough, it is likely at some point that you will see a police car behind you light up and signal you to stop.

If this happens to you and you are arrested for drunk driving, one of the first things you’ll do is to speak with an attorney about the circumstances of the traffic stop, the evidence and the possible DUI defenses available to you.

The "Distracted Driving" Bill Will Ban Much More Than Just Texting While Driving

It is widely accepted by the public that texting while driving is dangerous and can lead to traffic accidents. Statistics show there were a reported 776 accidents in 2016 being listed as caused by a driver manually operating an electronic device.1 Those accidents resulted in five deaths and 275 injuries.2 Arizona is one of only three states in the country without extensive texting while driving laws.3 While most of us would agree that a bill that specifically bans texting while driving would create safer Arizona roads, the current bill introduced by Arizona Senator Mesnard does not specifically ban texting while driving at all. Here is the full proposed State Bill 1141:

Arizona has the strictest DUI laws in the U.S.

Arizona drivers may feel like the police are harsh when it comes to a first-time driving under the influence (DUI) offense. Those feelings are valid.

WalletHub compared DUI penalties across the country, and based on their methodology, Arizona has the strictest DUI laws in the United States.

A look at implied consent in Arizona

A look at implied consent in Arizona

When you drive a car in Arizona, it is wise to know your rights and obligations under state law. The Arizona Supreme Court has in recent days made it clear that the moment you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are giving consent to being tested by law enforcement officers for driving under the influence.

DUI Convictions and Travel to Canada

A common destination for many U.S. citizens, especially those living in Arizona, is to visit our northern neighbor Canada, especially during our scorching summer months. Unfortunately, as of December 18, 2018, Canada's new laws categorize driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol as serious offenses, which are in the same category as murder, sexual assault, and drug trafficking.

What this means is that getting into Canada if you have a DUI or similar offense on your record from after December, 2018, can be extremely difficult.

Are we on the road to DUI elimination?

Arizona is on the cutting edge of self-driving technology development with a couple of the world’s biggest companies – Google and General Motors – testing their autonomous vehicles in the Phoenix area. The stated goals of the technology’s developers range from convenience (people will no longer have to drive) and improved safety to slightly less obvious advantages such as reductions of fossil fuel consumption and traffic congestion.

Sometimes overlooked in all the media hoopla over driverless technology is that it also holds the promise of eliminating drunk driving and DUI arrests.

Phoenix TV station airs DUI quiz

It’s common knowledge that Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation. But the details of our drunk driving statutes are not as widely understood.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Phoenix’s Channel 12 news broadcast recently feature a quiz on Arizona’s drunk driving laws to help viewers understand some of the most important rules of the road.

Wrong Way DUI's

Leave it to the Arizona legislature to create a solution for a non-existent problem. If you watch the news in Arizona, then you are familiar with the spate of wrong way drivers on our highways. The Department of Transportation has taken steps to minimize this by installing signage and detectors, but nevertheless, wrong way drivers cause injuries and death. 

Stricter DUI limits hit Utah. Will they come to Arizona?

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits are set by the state, but for nearly 30 years all 50 states have shared a limit of 0.08 percent. Now, Arizona’s neighbors to the north have become the first state to lower their limits again.

As of December 30, 2018, Utah lowered its BAC limit to 0.05 percent for those who are considered driving under the influence (DUI).

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