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Effects of a DUI Conviction on Employment in Arizona

Posted on December 7, 2023 in DUI,DUI Consequences

Being convicted of a driving under the influence (DUI) crime can come with many consequences. A DUI can affect your daily life as well as your future in multiple ways. One potential effect is the loss of your job due to the inability to drive. Furthermore, a DUI on your permanent record could lead to employers choosing other applicants over you far into the future.

Temporary Job Loss Due to a Suspended License

If you get arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) will immediately suspend your driver’s license even before a DUI conviction occurs. If you are then convicted of this offense, the courts may impose an additional sentence with mandatory driver’s license suspension for 90 days up to 2 years or longer.

While you may eventually get your driving privileges back, the temporary suspension of your driver’s license could be enough to lose your job. This might be the case if you drive for a living, such as for Uber, Lyft or as a commercial truck driver. Your employer may also terminate your employment if you cannot regularly get to work on time, even if the job itself does not involve driving.

Effects on Future Job Opportunities

If you are convicted of a DUI, it will go on your permanent record. This means employers will be able to see your DUI offense during background checks. A DUI could deter the employer from choosing you or even being allowed to consider you, depending on the industry. Even if you are not applying for a job that requires driving, having a DUI conviction on your record can be enough to put you last on the list of prospective hires.

While the Civil Rights Act prohibits employers from barring job applicants with misdemeanor or felony convictions, employers are entitled to conduct background checks and choose candidates based on the results. Furthermore, certain employers are permitted from barring potential employees with convictions if they have a compelling business reason to do so; such as for jobs that involve driving customers around.

How Can a DUI Defense Lawyer Help?

Help is available if you have been accused of driving under the influence in Arizona. The DUI defense attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group can help you build a defense to charges that may lead to case dismissal or minimized penalties. This can help you reduce the effects that a DUI will have on your life and future, including your career.

An attorney can represent you during hearings shortly after your DUI arrest to fight for a restricted license, as well. This is a solution that could allow you to continue driving to and from your job while you have a suspended license due to a DUI. Your lawyer can help you apply for a restricted permit and request a hearing with the MVD for this purpose.

Finally, an attorney can explore the possibility of having your DUI record expunged or set aside. This could clear your criminal record or have it sealed from access by potential employers. Record expungement essentially gives you a clean slate, along with the ability to apply for a job without worrying if your DUI will get in the way.

For more information about how a defense attorney in Arizona can help you minimize the effects of a DUI conviction on employment, contact Rosenstein Law Group for a free consultation.

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