“I couldn't be happier with the representation received from Vicki Lopez and the Rosenstein Law Group. Vicki was very knowledgeable, firm, thorough, and negotiated the best possible outcome for the case by getting my super extreme DUI reduced to a regular DUI. Her office was extremely responsive throughout the process, answering all of my questions and returning calls promptly. Her office even followed up during my probation period to ensure items were completed by the due date. Overall, I highly recommend hiring Vicki Lopez and the Rosenstein Law Group to handle your case.”
February, 2021 - DUI Case: "I’m writing to commend Tim Hintze on his services. I hired your firm to represent me in my DUI case involving an accident. Tim had represented me a few years back with a different case while he was employed at another firm. I’m lucky to have retained his services again. I had an initial meeting with him last summer. I was overly nervous, anxious, and overcome with emotion with the situation I had put myself in. Mostly, I was nervous as I had been involved in a collision and was worried my charges could escalate. Tim listened and was able to answer all of my questions. He made me feel at ease during the initial appointment. He was realistic and never over-promised anything. I’ve heard horror stories about DUI attorneys who “turn and burn” as many cases as possible- that the client is just a number. That was never the case with Tim throughout the entire process. No matter what point of the process we were at, he was always very responsive. The communication made me feel like a real person. He would take my calls and respond to my emails in a timely manner. He offered insight and advice as we navigated the process. I was also able to hear his litigation skills during my MVD 12 month license suspension. His excellent verbal skills and knowledge of the subject matter were critical in helping void my 12 month suspension. I would recommend Tim to anyone else going through a difficult time like myself. The legal process is not easy for the defendant, but I never felt alone or hopeless with Tim on my side. Please pass on my recognition to Tim for his excellent service. And I want to thank you and your firm as well for an overall pleasant experience considering the circumstances."
March, 2021 - Set Aside: "I had an excellent experience with the whole team at Rosenstein Law Group. They made sure I was completely informed at all times. All of the staff treated me as if I was the most important thing they had going on. Very professional people and fought hard for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone."
March, 2021 - DUI Drug Case: "These attorneys are on a different level of awesome, they are the absolute best in town. My case was dismissed and I never had to make an appearance in court. I highly recommend this law firm, Dave and the team are simply amazing!"
“I recently had the privilege of working with Dave Smith who is part of the group and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the outstanding legal support and guidance provided during a challenging time. From the moment I consulted this attorney, I knew I was in capable hands. First and foremost, their expertise in DUI law was simply unparalleled. Their attention to detail and thorough understanding of my case gave me confidence that I had chosen the right professional to represent me. What truly sets this attorney apart, however, is their unwavering commitment to their clients. From the initial consultation to the conclusion of my case, they demonstrated a genuine care for my well-being. They took the time to listen attentively, addressing my concerns and providing reassurance every step of the way. I never felt like just another case; they treated me as an individual and displayed empathy during what was an emotionally charged experience. Throughout the entire process, the attorney exhibited exceptional professionalism. They were prompt in their communication, promptly returning calls and emails and ensuring that I was always well-informed about the progress of my case. Their clear and concise explanations of complex legal matters helped me understand the potential outcomes and make informed decisions. Thanks to this attorney's expertise and tireless efforts, my case reached a favorable outcome that exceeded my expectations. They skillfully navigated the legal complexities, achieving a result that minimized the impact on my life and future. I am forever grateful for their legal prowess and unwavering dedication to securing the best possible outcome for their clients. I wholeheartedly recommend this DUI attorney to anyone in need of legal representation in DUI cases. Their exceptional skills, compassionate approach, and unwavering commitment to their clients make them a true asset. When facing the daunting challenges of a DUI charge, having this attorney by your side will provide you with the confidence and peace of mind you need to overcome those obstacles successfully.”
My attorney Dave Smith at Rosenstein law group has always kept me in the loop always contacting me with where he was at what he was doing. What was the outcome? He communicates beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with Dave Smith in his mannerisms as an outstanding criminal attorney I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a criminal attorney, I had to deal with attorneys in the past for other situation’s and this group by far outweighs any attorney I’ve ever been in contact with or talk to this group is elite. This group gets results done and this group has your back at the highest level of the law, I appreciate Dave Smith and Rosenstein Law Group and I feel highly blessed to have them as my attorney.”
The service I was given was above and beyond anything I could have expected. Dave Smith and his team did everything to represent me as a whole person and not just as an unfortunate incident that occurred. I am grateful to Rosenstein Law Group for representing me.”
"Unbelievable customer care and service. Extremely Knowledgeable but also personable and understanding. 10/10 experience; Dave, Sarah and the team at Rosenstein couldn’t have done a better job.”
“Dave and his staff were very knowledgeable, responsive and professional. They handled our case timely and got us a great result. We are very thankful for all the hard work!!”
“Mr. Smith was so comforting and understanding. He got me off relatively scot-free! I highly recommend AZ Defenders to anyone in need of legal representation.”
“Howard Dworman achieved an outstanding outcome for my case recently, above expectations. The support staff handled the entire process seamlessly. Instant recommendation to my friends/family if there is a need for this law specialty.”
“My case was complicated and there appeared to be a lot of evidence against me. Howard Dworman did a remarkable job preparing my case and finding every angle to pursue in my defense; he left no stone unturned. I was frankly amazed watching him work during the trial. Even when evidence seemed stacked against us, he challenged every inconsistency, countered every mischaracterization or generalization, and highlighted every favorable detail. His ability to think on his feet and respond to every twist and turn was a marvel. In the end, my outcome was the best of all possibilities. I recommend Rosenstein and specifically Mr. Dworman with highest enthusiasm. Many thanks team!”
“I had the chance to speak with Jonathan Goebel and he was able to give me peace of mind within minutes and also going over and beyond for me! I highly recommend contacting Rosenstein Law Group”
“Jonathan is AWESOME as well as his Law Group. I have been struggling for 18 years to find someone to give me a straight answer on how to get my license back. I received a couple dui's in Arizona back then and finally Johnathan told me exactly what I had to do. I took notes on his advice and did what he told me and I've NEVER been so happy. It's such a huge relief for me. I can move on to better things, finally, in my life. Here I am today thanking you sir. You and your team deserve it! Thank you very much again.”
“Great attorneys and super friendly staff!”
“Vicki is very knowledgeable and professional. She knows what she is doing, has experience that gives her the upper hand. Very responsive to emails and calls regarding questions or concerns during the entire process. Very commanding in the court room and is well respected. Highly recommend her and the team. You are very good hands with her.”
February, 2021 - DUI Case: "To be straight forward anyone looking for a good law firm. This should definitely be a choice to make. Everyone that I spoke to was very polite and my attorney handled my case very well. Information about my case were updated through email constantly. Despite my situation with my case. (Keep in mind everyone's situation is different.) a good turnout of a plea bargain got turned my way. Definitely worth the cost in my opinion. You get what you pay for."
“Vicki Lopez was my lawyer for my DUI case I can’t thank you enough i would strongly recommend her and this law firm”
“Craig was very helpful and took time out of his day even though he wasn’t representing me to answer questions. He has been practicing law for 20 some years and is extremely knowledgeable. Call him, set up an appointment and he is your guy!”
"Craig and this office were great to deal with. I was not in any trouble legally. Only making sure that I didn’t find myself in any trouble. Craig answered all my questions and was patient and thorough. Really put my mind at ease. If I was ever in a pinch I would give these folks a call. Thank you Craig!"
“My attorney was awesome. I'm super pleased with the outcome of my case. Howard always got back to me when I needed him. I would definitely recommend Rosenstein Law Group to anybody needing an attorney.”
“I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me through this difficult trial, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so grateful to you for representing me in court, and for being a powerful advocate for me throughout the difficult year. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful & brilliant work!”
“Rosenstein Law Group really came through for me. Recently I found myself in a situation that was unexpected with Law enforcement in Glendale Arizona. Having no criminal record and no experience with the court system, I was facing a misdemeanor for something that was purely circumstantial. Naturally, I reached out to friends and family and they had a lawyer who recommended Rosenstein Law Group as the perfect resource to get this situation resolved. After the incident happened I was very worried about what the outcome might be with my situation, but after talking to my attorney over at Rosenstein, they put all my worries at ease and went to work and made it happen. They were courteous and attentive and took my concerns very seriously. Howard specifically brought a confidence to the table that made me feel like the desired outcome was more than realistic and he proved that hiring them was well worth it! In the end, my situation was resolved quickly and somewhat painlessly to the point that I am able to get back to living my life worry free. Rosenstein Law Group is one of the best out there, and if you need help, I would highly recommend them as the ones who can take care of you.”
“After dealing with a firm that seemed to want more money every other day, we went with Rosenstein Law. They fought hard to make sure my grandson was treated fairly and had the best possible outcome for his case. They were always available directly, no matter the day or time and had a reasonable payment. They cared about my grandson as a person not just a number or another case. We are grateful for how much they cared about the outcome as well. If you want a lawyer who will fight aggressively for you and truly look out for your best interest, I highly recommend Rosenstein Law Group.”
“I was in a pretty tough situation after being charged with a DUI but Rosenstein Law Group really saved the day. They explained all my options and was in constant communication with me. I always knew where my case stood and in the end they got me the best result possible.”
“Several months ago, I received a criminal speeding ticket in Scottsdale, I was so nervous and didn't know what to do. I called Rosenstein Law Group based on a friend referral. The Attorney was assigned to my case, and he was so polite, informative, and explained all the process and the choices that I have. I felt reassured and a positive feeling. They were very cooperative and always answered all my questions. At the end, they were able to get me defensive driving school at sentencing. Professional, courteous and competent. Thank you, to all Rosenstein law Group family.”
“So professional & extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dui cases!! I highly recommend hiring for criminal defense cases. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and felt like they did everything they could to get the best outcome for my future. I am so grateful for everyone at Rosenstein law group who worked on case. Jonathon won me over with my initial consolation and I hired them before leaving the meeting. Howard took on my case and did a fantastic job! Kris was always on top of communication, never missed a phone call and answered any questions I had & continuously followed up with me, making sure I was aware and took care of every requirement I needed to do.”
“These attorneys are on a different level of awesome, they are the absolute best in town.  My case was dismissed and I never had to make an appearance in court.  I highly recommend this law firm, Dave and the team are simply amazing!”
“They kept me updated with details of my case from start to finish. I received the best possible outcome in my case. I would recommend the Rosenstein Law Group to anyone!"
“Recently got a mip, and called this law group. They were super fast and nice. They didn't try to sell me anything or try to make me pay. As it was my first offence they were straight up with me and said I don't need a lawyer and there is no point of me paying so much more. I really appreciate how you front and honest they were.”
“Absolutely unbeatable service! I have used their lawyers in 3 different cases and thanks to them I haven't had anything put onto my record! Every single time it looked like there was nothing I could do but they were able to find a way! Between their knowledge of the law and charisma they were able to work out any situation! In my case I got a criminal speeding ticket and they were able to find a way to get it knocked to a civil so I could apply for driving school and have it not on my record! All it took on my end was keeping up with the payments and keeping in touch every once and awhile THEY DID ALL THE WORK!”
December, 2020 - Drug Possession Case: "They were absolutely amazing every step of the way. Super friendly and professional. Having them on my side made all the difference in the world. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I recommend them to anyone who is going through legal struggle. Thank you guys for all of your hard work!"
I was referred to Craig when I got my second DUI and was looking at quite a bit of time in tent city. I talked to other attorneys, but felt most comfortable with Craig. He kept in contact with me throughout the case, and his staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I was offered to plead guilty to the regular DUI charge with less jail time. Because it was my second DUI, I took the deal. The outcome of my case would not have been as good if it was not for the Rosenstein Law Group.
I was arrested for Extreme DUI in Chandler and retained Craig Rosenstein for representation. I thought I was screwed when my blood came back at .153 and was sure things would end bad. Because there were issues regarding why I was stopped, my case was set for trial. The morning of the trial, Craig called me himself to let me know that the prosecutor had agreed to let me plead guilty to Reckless Driving and dismiss the DUI charge. I could not believe it and was thrilled. I appeared at Court that day and was able to keep my job. I would recommend the Rosenstein Law Group to anyone!
Lesley, Here you go. Due to your working to get the document so quickly, I am starting on Tuesday for my new job position. I can’t say thank you enough. Have a great weekend
Hi Lesley – I hope you guys are all doing great. I want to update you and l let you know again how much I appreciate all you guys did… What a difference 6 months can make in ones life and I thank you guys again. As you know [K] and I are both in banking and our pay has taken a bit of a hit…… Thank you again.
Dear Craig, I just wanted to write this thank you note for everything you have done for me. Frankly, I never thought I would make it through the court process which seemed intimidating and scary. There are very few exceptional lawyers who truly care about their clients besides just charging them for their services. You and your staff were very supportive, sympathetic and non-judgmental regarding my DUI case. Finally the four months of anxiety and stress are over and now I can move on with my life and career. You did not just plead me out at the first offer like so many attorneys do. Instead you went above and beyond what is necessary to get me a fair deal. I always carry your card in my wallet now and feel secure that I have someone to count on; an attorney who is professional, qualified, and human as well. I hope to be never in such a situation again and will definitely refer you to acquaintances and friends if they need any help. Again, thank you so much for everything!
Dear Craig, I wish to thank you again for your time and for your support in helping my daughter, Nicole. We sincerely appreciated the information you provided us, and we are confident you will do your very best to help her during this troubling time. Thank you again! Also, we wish you the very best in your marriage. Congrats!
To whom it may concern; My son, James, came to Arizona to attend school. He unfortunately became involved in a motorcycle accident and was charged with DUI. After hearing horror stories connected with Arizona justice, I was really scared for my son’s safety. He was a long way from home, had been through a “near-death” experience, and we were unable both physically and financially to come there to help him. I am not sure what led us to Mr. Rosenstein’s door but I will be forever grateful. He looked beyond the “biker” image and into the person, who was his client. Craig’s extensive research and diligent preparation of [J]’s case resulted in a fair disposition. As a mother and bike rider, this guy has my heart. Ride Safe.
Hi Guys – I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. You guys have no idea how much your professionalism, knowledge and understanding of my situation has helped. It is a shame under the circumstance of our meeting however you 2 made a terrible situation ok. I again want to thank you both for all your assistance during this time. Oh and [K] is the writer of the family. The official thank you will come from her and most likely sound much better…. Thank you again!
To whom this might be helpful, I am a biker and have been for twenty-five years. I have been in AZ for two years. I got into a little bit of trouble and needed a lawyer. I had talked to a couple, and they were more for the money and not for me. I went and talked to Craig, he’s cool as hell, cool cat. I even got a little bit of an attitude from the police, and he proved to me he was on my side, and looking out for me. Craig went out of his way to do what it took to get me the best deal. It worked out great for me. If you are in trouble and your reading this, I’d bet my HARLEY that Craig will do everything he can to help you.
Letter of Recommendation/Gratitude When I got a DUI my girlfriends told me to get a lawyer immediately so I could stand a fair chance again the state. So I decide to shop around for TV commercialized lawyers and checked search engines. When I got to the Rosenstein Law Group, I was impressed by what I read, so I decided to give Craig a call. My first impression of Craig was that either this man has heart in what he does or he is a good sales man. Craig and his team worked hard on my case and any time I had questions they were there to answer them. Also, Craig always returned calls personally (1:1 time). When I was worrisome, he advised me accordingly. In the end, Craig won the case and got my Extreme DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving, which saved me thousands of dollars and my job. I recommend Rosenstein Law Group for being AZ Best DUI Lawyer and did I mention, they are AFFORDABLE. Thank you Craig and Leslie. Thanks a million (I owe you guys). I guarantee recommendations will be flowing in.
Hi guys!!! Can I just say that you guys are the shinizzle. Hehe. OMG!!! We owe you guys literally our life. You saved our marriage, [D]’s life, everything. What you do is amazing, now could I ever do what you do. NO WAY in – – – -. But that’s what makes you those guys and girls. Amazing, we just got word from [D] and let me tell you I cheered like a little kid. I know I was a pain in the ass, I mean well and I know that we were all stressed but let me tell you if YOU EVER, EVER, EVER need anything other than an attorney, hehe, [D] and I will be there at a moments notice. Again, god bless you and your families.
Thank you for your support which helped achieved the satisfactory outcome of my case. I appreciate all your help.
Dear Mr. Rosenstein, Having talked to you this day, I determined that you were right in your decision on my case. I appreciate and thank you for what you did for me. I feel you are one of a unique group that can be trusted in the legal world and would use you again if ever the opportunity arises. I would also recommend you to others with no doubt in my mind.
December, 2020 - Set Aside: "My experience working with the Rosenstein Law Group was perfect in all manners. Steve, the attorney that represented me, is very knowledgeable and personal. Every time I called with questions or concerns he got on the phone himself immediately and answered all of my questions. I personally recommend this team."
December, 2020 - DUI Case: "I was charged with something unrelated to the reason I was stopped by police in the first place, and to make it worse, the police did not complete all the paperwork related to the arrest. I came to Eric after a recommendation, and immediately felt better about my situation. Tim was assigned to my case and he treated it like he was the one facing charges — nonstop working to collect info and data that would help the case. He continually worked on getting plea deals & tried his hardest to have the charges dismissed entirely when it came to light that the arresting officer wasn’t following his training. In the end, he got me a plea deal that I couldn’t be any happier with if I tried. I’m forever grateful to Tim & the firm for their help."
November, 2020: "Best law firm! Extremely happy with Rosenstein Law Group, they were able to help me get completely out of charges for a DUI a few years ago. David Maletta was super helpful recently with a dosmetic violence charge, was able to drop one of the charges and helped me get into a diversion program so the domestic violence doesn’t stay on my record. Would definitely recommend to family and friends."
October, 2020 "100% Exceptional Service! From my interaction with the receptionist all the way through to the Free consultation with Jonathan, I felt completely welcomed & at ease. They were very friendly and helpful. I would totally recommend this law firm! Keep up the good work!"
September 2020 - DUI Case" "Rosenstein Law Group took care of me in one of the lowest points of my life. I had no understanding of the legal system or what my options were, and the team answered all of the questions I had and made sure I was treated fairly. I am very thankful that I had such an organized team to get me through this. Special shout out to Dave Smith for being so available and helpful."
August, 2020 - Extreme DUI Case: "The Rosenstein Law Group was referred to me by a friend and today I am so very grateful! Being charged with an Extreme DUI and refusal of the breathalyzer, I was facing serious consequences. David was amazing throughout the entire process. He was very thorough and took the time to explain in detail what I could expect and what I was facing. What could have been life altering for a first offense, ended up in a reduction to DUI impaired to the slightest degree and a win in the MVD hearing! If you are looking for an aggressive advocate to represent you, I would strongly recommend David! The entire team is amazing."
July, 2020 - Criminal Case: "The staff here is professional and amazing. They went above and beyond the call of duty to help me through my situation and circumstances. They were completely honest and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone."
April, 2020 - DUI Case:  "Dear Craig and Team, this is a long-due review however I have much to thank to you guys for your support and services. Everything was handled extremely professionally and efficiently even though it was a stressful time. I appreciate everything you guys did for me and how it still helps me to this day (ex. Passing background checks). I recommend your firm to anyone."
Craig, I just wanted to let you know how incredibly thankful I am of you, your staff, and your hard work. You have been incredibly supportive and have made this whole process a little easier. I trust you and your judgment completely, and have never questioned any of the decisions you have made on my behalf. I think you are a wonderful lawyer and a great friend. I think you for everything you have done for me.
Thank you again for helping settle this matter for me. I appreciate all you guys did on my behalf.
Lesley, That is excellent news. Thank you very much, to your and Craig’s efforts! You guys are the best.
I have never liked lawyers, but when I got arrested for a DUI and needed help I called Craig Rosenstein. I had made a huge error in judgment after partying with some friends and drove myself home. Craig was so great. He answered all of my questions and told me exactly what he was going to do with my case. His office staff was also right there to answer any questions. Craig worked magic and did what he said he would…I AM SO THANKFUL I MADE THAT FIRST PHONE CALL!
I was arrested for DUI and Possession of Marijuana, and was referred to Mr. Rosenstein through the NORML website. He was able to get me into a diversion program for the drug charge, and the felony case was dismissed after I completed the program. I thought I was going to be in trouble because of the DUI charge out of the Phoenix City Court, but Mr. Rosenstein was able to get the charge reduced to a parking ticket because of issues having to do with the stop. I am so thankful that I called Craig Rosenstein, and would call him again in the future anytime!
What can I say? Craig is my hero and he saved my career and my future. I got stopped in Tempe and was charged with a regular DUI. Craig questioned the validity of the stop and was able to get it reduced to a reckless driving charge. A DUI conviction would have affected my career since I am going to school to be a teacher. Craig and his staff were so supportive through those months of waiting and helped ease my anxiety. Most attorneys are leeches who would not hesitate to just plead you out on the first offer a prosecutor makes. I have been a first-hand witness to that at the courthouse. In my case, I made the right choice. Craig would not accept the first or the second offer which the prosecutor made- A DUI conviction with some time in tent city. He argues well, I have seen the extensive deviation letter he wrote to the prosecutor. It must have taken some hours to write such a competent and well-thought letter of defense! On my first court date, the prosecutor who was handling my case was out of town. Though another prosecutor offered to take a look at the letter and make a decision right then and there, Craig would not accept it and filed for a motion to continue. This is because he wanted to wait and not just let someone else make a split decision about my life. Craig is an EXCEPTIONAL attorney. He is ethical, honest, and an upright young attorney. He will fight for your case and will do everything in his power to get results. His staff is amazing, especially Leslie who is a sweet young woman. Please do yourself a favor and have him at least look at the details of your case. His fees are reasonable, his consultation is free, and best of all - Craig will personally meet with you during consultation instead of employing someone else to talk to you.
Hi Leslie, I wrote a beautiful review for Craig on yellow pages. You guys are amazing and Craig is a wonderful human being. Please check it out and let me know if you need more reviews. I am always happy to do so and more people who are in situations like me deserve to know that there is an honest and qualified attorney like Craig who can help them get back on their feet. Will stay in touch!
This attorney was very attentive and aggressive. He was always available and kept me informed throughout the process. I would recommend Craig Rosenstein to anyone charged with DUI or a drug-related crime. He is the best!
Thank you again for a job well done. I am very happy with the outcome that could have been soooooo much worse. I went into this thinking I was still going to get 30 days and didn’t…Thank you again.

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