Criminal Courts – Chandler

The experienced trial lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group are often seen in Chandler Municipal Court. We are not criminal defense attorneys quick to plea bargain. We believe that DUI defense cases are more complex and require an attorney with experience litigating cases, not one simply geared toward persuading all defendants to take the first plea offered.

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Experienced Attorneys Defending People in Chandler Municipal Court

Chandler Municipal Court is located at 200 East Chicago Street in Chandler, Arizona. Criminal court is only one part of a vast judicial system. Craig Rosenstein — founder of our firm — and his legal team have gotten to know both the staff and the system in their advocacy of clients facing serious DUI charges in Chandler.

When you appear before a Chandler Municipal Court judge, he or she will read you your rights and the formal charges against you. The judge will also advise you of your pretrial release conditions to ensure appearances at future court dates or the criminal trial.

Maintain High Standards When Appearing in Chandler Municipal Court

Your conduct in court can reflect on you positively or negatively, based on your behavior. Chandler Municipal Court has set standards that include:

  • No weapons, food, drink or gum is allowed.
  • No talking or whispering that would disturb the court or the proceedings is allowed.
  • Cellphones and other mobile devices must be turned off; texting is prohibited.
  • Judges are addressed as “your honor.”
  • Dress code requires clean clothes in good repair and without offensive slogans or disrespectful pictures; no hats or caps are allowed.
  • Avoid bringing small children or infants into the courtroom, if possible.

Contact a Chandler Criminal Courts Attorney for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact us anytime day or night at 480-248-7666 to request a free initial consultation with a Chandler DUI defense lawyer. We will provide you the information you need about the next steps after a DUI arrest in Chandler or Scottsdale or elsewhere in Arizona.


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