Chandler City Traffic Violations

Getting a traffic ticket in Chandler is usually thought of as a minor violation. When most people think of receiving a traffic ticket, they think of getting a civil traffic ticket. In Chandler, a civil traffic ticket is for infractions such as speeding, not turning your turn signal on, having a cracked windshield, or not wearing your seatbelt. However, some of the more serious traffic violations in Chandler go beyond the civil violation level and amount to criminal violations of the law. Just like any other case that is a criminal offense, you can hire an attorney to fight your criminal traffic violation and prevent it from negatively impacting your driving record and possibly costly fines. Rosenstein Law Groups criminal defense attorneys can assist you with your traffic violation citation so you do not have to face the penalties. Contact our office online here or by calling 480-248-7666 to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys today. 

Criminal Traffic Violations out of Chandler

Criminal traffic violations that our office commonly sees arise out of the City of Chandler and defend against are: 

When a person is cited for both civil and criminal traffic violations, the violations are reported to the Arizona Department of Transportation. They then assign a specific amount of points against your driver’s license. If you accumulate 8 points within 1 year, your Arizona driver’s license could be suspended if you do not attend traffic survival school. Some of the point guidelines in Arizona are:

  • DUI, Reckless Driving, Aggressive driving – 8 points
  • Hit and run and failure to stop or yield resulting in a fatal crash – 6 points
  • Failure to stop or yield resulting in serious injury – 4 points
  • Speeding & Misuse of the gore area – 3 points
  • All other moving violations – 2 points

Traffic Violation Points Chandler chartTraffic Violation Points Chandler chart

Traffic Violations Defense Attorney in Chandler

Before you plead guilty and pay the fine, call the Rosenstein Law Group at 480-248-7666. Many people make the mistake of paying a traffic ticket without realizing the future implications. If you are facing many traffic tickets or traffic violations in Arizona, then you need to discuss this with a skilled legal representative before paying the fine. A Chandler Traffic Violations Defense attorney from Rosenstein Law Group will be able to provide you with smart counsel and skillful representation of your case in court. Don’t wait until it is too late, call today 480-248-7666 or contact us online here.


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