Fighting Chandler DUI Charges Based On Faulty BAC Evidence

While government prosecutors like to talk about the “scientific” evidence they have that proves you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is alarming how much of that evidence is completely inaccurate. Mishandling or contamination of biological samples, equipment malfunctions and user error can all contribute to faulty test results.

If you were arrested for DUI based on any evidence that determined your blood alcohol concentration using blood, breath or urine testing, the dedicated Chandler DUI defense attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group are ready to fight for you. We understand the errors that can lead to flawed DUI chemical testing results, and we know how to present a compelling argument that casts doubt on the viability of the evidence.

DUI Attorneys in Chandler

Many cases have demonstrated that preliminary breath tests (PBTs) are not reliable, but police continue to use them as a technique leading to a DUI arrest. In the stressful situation of a traffic stop on suspicion of drunk driving, many drivers agree to take a breath test without understanding their rights.

Our attorneys employ aggressive defense strategies aimed at case dismissal, reduction of charges or acquittal at trial. We often find the key to a successful case outcome through investigation of these questions:

Did Police Gather a Urine Sample According to Legal Protocol?

Urine sampling as a method to gather evidence of impaired driving is also unreliable in many cases. Can the police prove that the urine sample was not contaminated? Can police confirm where the sample was at all times before it was analyzed and used as a reason to charge you in Chandler?

Was the Blood Alcohol Testing Done Properly Before Your DUI Arrest in Chandler?

When small differences in blood alcohol content (BAC) can make a huge difference in a client’s future, it is worth fighting to force police to justify every step and procedure used to do blood alcohol testing. The difference between DUI and extreme DUI or between extreme DUI and super extreme DUI is a high-stakes matter. You are strongly advised to consult with an experienced defense attorney who will aggressively defend your rights.

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