Flow of the DUI Case – Chandler

It starts with the flashing lights in the rear window of your car. Your driving caught the attention of law enforcement patrolling Chandler. Following the initial stop for suspected DUI, tests are conducted and an arrest is made. At that moment, a lengthy, complex and often stressful process begins. While you may be embarrassed and fearful, do not automatically plead guilty.

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Protecting Your Rights in Chandler Criminal Proceedings

Following an arrest on suspicion of DUI in Chandler, a court date is set. Before the arraignment (your first court date), you want to get Craig Rosenstein and his legal team involved. Any court appearance should involve legal representation to assert and protect your rights. An attorney will get to the facts and provide an aggressive defense at subsequent pretrial conferences. Based on the evidence, your lawyer will pursue the best outcome through negotiation or courtroom litigation.

Fighting to Prevent License Suspension

At Rosenstein Law Group, we represent clients not only in the criminal proceedings (in court), but also in the administrative part of the DUI charges against them, which occurs within the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. The MVD will pursue suspension of your driver’s license after your DUI arrest. We will move fast to request an MVD hearing (which must be done within a specific time frame) and minimize the consequences, including lower suspension times and/or the opportunity for a restricted license to go to work, school or medical appointments.

The MVD administrative hearing is a rare opportunity to secure and analyze the evidence against you, providing us more time to build a strong, fact-based defense in court.

Contact an Arizona DWI Lawyer for a Free Initial Consultation

For help from an experienced attorney who will zealously fight for your rights, contact Rosenstein Law Group 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 480-248-7666 to request a free initial consultation. We will provide you the information you need about the criminal and administrative processes following a DUI arrest in Chandler or Scottsdale or elsewhere in Arizona.


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