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Do you believe that the police can justify your Tempe DUI arrest on the basis of the results of the field sobriety tests administered at the time of your arrest? Attorney Craig Rosenstein will never take for granted a “yes” answer to that question without aggressively investigating every aspect of your DUI charges.

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Challenging Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests are used to give police evidence to use to charge and convict you of drunk driving. Which field sobriety test did the police use in your case?

  • The pen test
  • Balancing tests
  • Number/letter recitation
  • Dexterity tests

If the way the tests were given violated your civil rights — or even common sense — the results may be thrown out, and your DUI charges may be dismissed.

On the other hand, the tests may have been inherently flawed — or may not have had validity in your case for some reason, such as a physical condition or disability, road or weather conditions in Tempe at that time, or other extenuating circumstances.

Tempe Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys Challenge ‘Drunk Tests’

The police officer who presents evidence against you to the prosecutor will have to support his allegations first of all, by justifying his decision to pull you over in traffic. On what basis did he suspect you of drunk driving? Was it because you were driving an old car — or because movements of your car gave the impression that you were driving while impaired?

These questions are examples of the types of questions that Tempe DUI defense lawyer Craig Rosenstein digs into when evaluating a drunk driving case. Our law firm has succeeded in getting prosecutors and judges to disregard results of field sobriety tests — and our clients ended up having their cases dismissed or charges reduced.

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