Are You A Commercial Driver With A DUI In Tempe? Some Advice…

Drivers with a commercial driver’s license are inherently different from the average driver; the very nature of the license shows an increased level of responsibility that the average driver doesn’t have to worry about. Because of this, the legal limit for such drivers is lower, due to the nature and risks associated with operating busses, trailers, or any other large commercial vehicle.

While most drivers are held to a blood-content limit of .08, commercial drivers are held to a standard of .04. Obviously, this means CDL holders will have less wriggle room than an average driver arrested for DUI, so it means that it’s all the more important that prior planning precedes any drinking. Time is a critical factor in any DUI case, but due to the harsher requirements for CDL holders, it’s even more imperative that you seek counsel from the Rosenstein Law Group as soon as possible.

Penalties for Commercial Driver DUI

In Arizona, commercial drivers are subject to the same penalties as any other drivers if found guilty of a BAC over .04, and this is true whether this is your first offense of a second or third offense. The charges are prosecuted and treated the same way. However, due to the specialized trade of CDL drivers, the punishments are often more severe. If convicted, the driver’s CDL will be disqualified for at least one year and their regular driver’s license will be subject to suspension for at least 90 days. Additionally, employment in the field of trucking becomes nearly impossible to find.

Commercial drivers face at least five years’ probation for a DUI conviction and will have 8 points added to their driving record. A second DUI offense, no matter how far removed from the first, will result in a lifetime disqualification on a driver’s CDL. Refusal of BAC testing by a CDL holder will result in a one year suspension. Likewise, refusal to comply in a second-time arrest can result in permanent loss of a commercial driver’s license.

Legal penalties of commercial driver DUI are not the only consequences associated with conviction. If you own a CDL, odds are your entire life revolves around and depends on your ability to operate a motor vehicle. Not only will the loss of wages during the DUI process hurt you financially, future employers will see your driving record and may be more hesitant to hire you. There is simply too much at stake for commercial drivers facing DUI conviction, which emphasizes the need for aggressive and effective defense against the charges.

Defense Against Your DUI Charge

Being a commercial driver, no one appreciates how much you depend on your license and driving record more than you do. If you are facing a DUI charge, Rosenstein Law Group wants to help you protect yourself against the negative consequences of conviction by defending against those charges. Our DUI defense attorneys are extremely experienced in this area of law and we passionate about protect the rights, interests, and future livelihoods of our clients facing a DUI charge. As stated above, time is critical in any DUI case, but it’s even more critical when time off the road is money out of your wallet. Contact Rosenstein Law Group for your free case evaluation.


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