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Police often use field sobriety tests and chemical tests such as the following to provide evidence that a driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol:

  • Breath tests
  • Urine sampling tests
  • Blood draw tests

Were you informed of your legal rights before you submitted to chemical tests when law enforcement agents stopped you in Tempe on suspicion of drunk driving? Did the officer inform you that you had the right to speak with a lawyer, and that you had the right to refuse chemical tests?

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DUI Chemical Testing Lawyer in Tempe

Police and prosecutors may claim that you had given “informed consent” to submit to chemical tests by virtue of having an Arizona driver’s license. However, a careful evaluation of all facts leading up to your DUI arrest in Tempe may reveal key facts such as these:

  • The traffic stop may not have been justifiable.
  • Field sobriety tests may have been inherently flawed — or a driver’s legal rights may have been violated in some way in the administration of those tests.
  • Chemical tests should not be considered reliable if, for example, the Breathalyzer had not been tested and calibrated, or the police cannot prove that a urine sample or blood sample was not contaminated or compromised somewhere along the chain of possession of the sample.

Contact a Tempe DUI Chemical Testing Attorney

An experienced Tempe DUI blood test attorney may be your most important ally after a drunk driving arrest. Craig Rosenstein, DUI defense lawyer, has training and certifications that make him highly qualified to analyze and interpret data and reports related to the chemical tests that were administered to his DUI defense clients.

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