DUI Defense in Tempe

Reasonable doubt presented to the prosecutor can transform your DUI case:

  • From charges filed to case dismissed
  • From “extreme DUI” to “regular DUI”
  • From “super extreme DUI” to extreme DUI or regular DUI
  • From a jail sentence to no jail
  • From a potential criminal record to preservation of a clean record
  • From a license suspension to full restoration of driving privileges

At Rosenstein Law Group, this is why we take seriously our duty to examine every detail in every DUI case that we handle. That one fact, that one unresolved issue, that one doubt or question that we uncover can mean a great difference in both short term and long term after a DUI arrest in Tempe.

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Customized DUI Defense for Drivers Arrested in Tempe

Time and again, experience has shown us that there is no room for shortcuts if a client is truly motivated to pursue the best attainable outcome after a Tempe DUI arrest — or a DUI arrest anywhere in Arizona. This state has some of the strictest drunk driving laws around, yet the exposure of reasonable doubt into your case can bring about great relief — and restored hope for a future without the tainting of a criminal record.

Among other legal services we provide, you can expect the following if we represent you after you were arrested for driving while impaired in Tempe or elsewhere:

  • A careful review of all known facts related to your arrest
  • A careful examination of procedures and alleged results in your field sobriety tests or chemical tests
  • Evaluation of our findings by expert witnesses whose testimony can strengthen your case
  • Assertion of your legal rights before the prosecutor
  • Aggressive representation at trial, if your case goes to trial

Whether you face first-time charges, charges of aggravated DUI, repeat offense charges or charges that you violated terms of your probation after a previous DUI, Rosenstein Law Group is the ally that you want to have on your side.

Rosenstein Law Group Is Here for You After a Tempe DUI Arrest

Tempe DUI lawyer Craig Rosenstein serves the Phoenix metro area and beyond, aggressively representing clients from Mesa and Tempe, and all communities of Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties. We offer a free consultation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 480-248-7666 to schedule a time to talk to Mr. Rosenstein about your Tempe DUI arrest.

Contact a Tempe DUI Defense Attorney

Rosenstein Law Group lawyers offer customized, detail-oriented advocacy for drivers charged with drunk driving in Tempe, Scottsdale and elsewhere in Arizona. Contact us today at 480-248-7666 to request a consultation.

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