Caught Drinking in a Parked Car In Tempe?

In Arizona, the laws concerning driving under the influence are strict. As a result, DUI charges can result from a number of situations, which many of the state’s residents are unaware of. For example, you can face a DUI charge if you are caught drinking in a parked car.

In Tempe, DUI charges from drinking in parked cars are more common than you might think, especially among students at Arizona State University. Whether their actions are because of a lack of understanding of DUI laws or simply poor decisions, the charges can still damage their futures.

Fortunately for those students and others facing DUI charges due to similar circumstances, our attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group are available to ensure the protection of their rights throughout the legal proceedings.

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The First Step After an Arrest

After an arrest on suspicion of drinking in a parked car, the first step is to call an experienced Tempe DUI defense attorney. The founder of Rosenstein Law Group, Craig Rosenstein, has represented countless clients since founding his law firm in 2006. In addition to his years of experience, he is a National College for DUI Defense board-certified DUI defense attorney. He is the only attorney in Maricopa County to meet the rigid criteria and pass the difficult tests, and he is one of the youngest in the country to have ever done so. This additional training makes him prepared to fight any DUI-related charge.

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