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As aggressive trial attorneys, we have become fixtures in Tempe Municipal Court, defending area residents facing serious DUI charges. While plea bargains are options, we do not hesitate to try cases in court if that provides the best outcome for our clients.

At the Rosenstein Law Group, our focus is on protecting your rights and getting to the facts in building a strong DUI defense before Tempe Municipal Court. Call us at 480-248-7666 for a free case evaluation.

Criminal Courts Lawyers in Tempe

Tempe DUI cases are heard in Tempe Municipal Court, Kyrene Justice Court or University Lakes Justice Court. Our continuing appearances on behalf of our clients have given us insight into the court system, from the processes to the staff to the judges. We spend time with our clients facing Tempe DUI charges to educate them on what to expect and various do’s and don’ts.

A judge will read you your rights and the DUI charges you face. You will be advised on pretrial release conditions and the requirement to attend future court dates and the criminal trial.

Maintain High Standards When Appearing in Tempe Municipal Court

Your conduct in court can reflect on you positively or negatively, based on your behavior. While it doesn’t impact guilt or innocence, rudeness or disrespect only makes a bad situation worse. Tempe Municipal Court has set standards that include:

  • No weapons, food, drink or gum is allowed.
  • No actions that would disturb the court or the proceedings are allowed.
  • Cellphones and mobile devices must be turned off; texting is prohibited.
  • Judges are referred to as “your honor” and are addressed a few feet back from the bench.
  • Dress code involves clean clothes that do not display offensive slogans or disrespectful pictures; hats and caps are prohibited.
  • If you can, keep small children and infants out of the courtroom.

Contact a Tempe Criminal Courts Attorney for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact us anytime day or night at 480-248-7666 to request a free initial consultation with a Tempe criminal courts lawyer. We will provide you the information you need about the next steps after a DUI arrest in Tempe.

We represent clients throughout Arizona from offices in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa and Gilbert.

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