Tempe First-Offense DUI Attorney

A first-time DUI arrest can be a frightening shock. No doubt, you never expected to be in this situation. Whether you were, in fact, under the influence or not, you are doing the right thing by exploring this website and thinking about hiring a Tempe first-offense DUI attorney.

When you were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Maricopa County, did the police administer field sobriety tests such as a pen test or a “walk and turn” test? Those tests may have been flawed – and the evidence that the police allegedly gathered from them may be thrown out.

Did the Tempe police administer chemical tests, such as a Breathalyzer test or a blood alcohol test? If law enforcement agents did not follow legal procedures in giving you those tests, or if the technical tools used to administer the tests can be shown to be unreliable, your test results may not be held against you.

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Aggressive DUI Defense for First-Time Offenders in Tempe

These are two key examples of aggressive defense strategies likely to be employed by your Tempe DUI lawyer at Rosenstein Law Group. We know, and emphasize to such clients, that the opportunity to preserve a crime-free record is worth every possible effort.

If we represent you after a first-time DUI arrest in Maricopa County, we are prepared to go to work right away to protect your driving privileges, your freedom and your long-term prospects for a criminal record-free future:

  • A qualified Tempe first-offense DUI attorney will help you request a hearing before the MVD within 15 days, in order to preserve your rights and not automatically receive a 90-day driver’s license suspension, and will also represent you at that hearing.
  • We will help prepare you for your criminal arraignment, usually two to three weeks off. During that time, we will carefully examine the evidence, perhaps advise you to submit to alcohol counseling or treatment, and consult with expert witnesses whose testimony may strengthen your defense.

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Contact a Tempe First-Offense DUI Lawyer if You’re Facing Charges

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