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There are strict laws that drivers must obey when it comes to speed limits in Mesa, Arizona. Most roads and streets have posted speed limit markers. If a driver fails to obey the speed limit laws, they may be subject to a traffic infraction. If you have been arrested for criminal speeding in Mesa, Arizona. Call Rosenstein Law Group right away. The Mesa criminal speeding defense attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group can assist you in fighting the charges that you face.

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What Is Criminal Speeding?

There are two ways to be charged with criminal speeding in Mesa, Arizona. Under A.R.S § 28-701.02(A), these include:

  1. Driving over 35 mph in a school zone
  2. Driving over 20 mph above the posted speed limit. If no speed limit is posted, anything over 45 mph qualifies.

Which Laws Pertain to Criminal Speeding?

Speed restrictions are listed in ARS sections 28-701 and 28-710. Those include information on the reasonable and prudent speed limits within the state as well as the maximum speeds allowed in different areas.

In ARS 28-121, you will find the penalties for speeding. In ARS 28-3306 and AZ Admin Code R17-4-404, you’ll also be able to learn more about the revocation or suspensions possible under the state’s point system.

Penalties for Excessive Speeding in Mesa

If you speed over the limit, you first face fines. Basic speeding fines are a maximum of $250 per speeding ticket. For excessive speeding, you’ll face a Class 3 misdemeanor and face up to $500 in fines along with 30 days in jail.

Defenses for Speeding

If you had to speed for a good reason, then you may be able to defend yourself. Similarly, if you face speeding penalties as a result of a mechanical failure, you may be able to defend yourself against the penalties.

Some possible defenses could include:

  • Necessity, such as speeding to get to the hospital or to avoid a serious accident
  • Not knowing the posted speed limit due to it not being posted
  • Not speeding (which suggests a problem with the radar gun)
  • Speedometer calibration issues
  • GPS errors or proof that the GPS states you were traveling more slowly than the officer stated
  • Not being the person who was driving, such as if you’re involved in a serious crash with others and who the driver was is questionable

Hiring a Mesa Criminal Speeding Defense Lawyer Can Help

It is helpful to work with a Mesa defense attorney when you’re facing a traffic ticket or harsh excessive speeding penalties. They work for you and are on your side to help defend you against unfair allegations, so you can fight to protect your best interests.

Mesa Criminal Speeding Lawyer

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