DUI Defense in Mesa

While there are of course common denominators among DUI defense cases, each client’s file at Rosenstein Law Group will reveal a customized approach suited for that particular client’s situation:

  • Was it a first offense or repeat offense?
  • Is aggravated DUI part of the charges?
  • Was the BAC (blood alcohol content) level measured at “regular DUI” or “extreme DUI” levels — or even “super extreme DUI”?
  • What types of field sobriety tests did police administer?
  • Were there irregularities in the chemical testing procedures?
  • Was the driver a local Mesa resident, an Arizona resident from out of town or a driver from out of state?
  • Was there an alleged hit-and-run accident associated with the Phoenix DUI arrest?
  • Was the driver underage, not of legal drinking age?

A careful examination of every detail of your Mesa DUI case is what makes up the signature aggressive DUI defense approach that Rosenstein Law Group is known for.

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A Comprehensive Defense Effort

As we carry out a detailed and thorough investigation and analysis of your Phoenix DUI case, we are likely to challenge the evidence in any way we can. Blood sampling experts, toxicology specialists and veteran police officers help us evaluate testing procedures. Attorney Craig Rosenstein is himself certified in forensic blood and urine testing, Intoxilyzer 8000 and field sobriety testing (FST). Together with our other expert witnesses, he often finds clear reasons to challenge the evidence based on irregularities in the chemical testing used to gauge your BAC (blood alcohol content).

Rosenstein Law Group most definitely does not apply a cookie-cutter approach to our clients’ all-important DUI defense cases. What is right for the client before you may be a dead end in your case. Phoenix DUI lawyer Craig Rosenstein is prepared to determine the best approach in your case with careful, painstaking analysis.

Aggressive DUI defense strategies will normally include a clear presentation of your Mesa DUI case before a prosecutor. Many cases begin and end there. Others go to trial. Rosenstein Law Group aggressively defends our clients at every step and in every venue.

In every case, we aim for the best attainable outcome:

  • Preservation of, or restoring of, your driving privileges
  • No jail time
  • Reduction of charges and penalties
  • Dismissal of charges
  • Acquittal at trial if the case goes to court
  • Preservation of your clean record

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