Field Sobriety Tests – Mesa

When you were arrested for drunk driving in Mesa, did the police officer administer any of these field sobriety tests?

  • The pen test, or horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN): Did he track your eye movement while waving a pen before your face?
  • Balancing tests: Did he ask you to stand on one leg for a lengthy period, to “walk and turn,” or to touching your finger to your nose with eyes closed?
  • Number/letter recitation: Did he ask you to say the alphabet while counting backward from 1,000?
  • Dexterity tests: Did he ask you to close one finger at a time?

There are many known flaws with tests such as these. If Rosenstein Law Group represents you after a Mesa DUI arrest, Mr. Rosenstein will examine all details related to the field sobriety tests used to produce “evidence” against you, among other things he will look at closely in your case.

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Recognized Among DUI Defense Lawyers for Aggressive Strategies

Among Mesa Field sobriety tests lawyers, Craig Rosenstein may stand out for the signature aggressive DUI defense strategies regularly employed by the law firm. Mr. Rosenstein never takes anything for granted before investigating every detail of a case.

Often, Mesa DUI defense lawyers assume that a police officer is telling the truth about the way he administered field sobriety tests. Not so with Craig Rosenstein. We take nothing for granted. This law firm has often succeeded at convincing prosecutors and judges to disregard field sobriety test results on grounds including the following:

  • The accused person may have had some physical impairment that would make it difficult or impossible to perform the test in any condition.
  • The field sobriety test was inherently flawed and therefore unreliable and not sufficient to convict a person of DUI, with all of its severe consequences.

What About ‘Implied Consent?’

Does “implied consent” mean that I have to do field sobriety tests, blow into a hand-held portable breath testing device, or give blood? The answer is “no” to some of those questions, and “yes” to others. There are many ways to get around the “implied consent” contract that is part of possessing an Arizona driver’s license.

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