DUI Overview – Mesa

If a loved one or someone you know is currently facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI), acting fast to find experienced legal representation should be your first priority. With serious criminal penalties and a number of long-term consequences at stake, DUI charges demand the immediate attention of a proven Mesa DUI lawyer.

At Rosenstein Law Group, our lawyers have proven that we know how to handle these cases successfully for our clients. Call us today at 480-248-7666 to learn about possible defense strategies that could be used in your case.

Board-Certified DUI Defense Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Whatever the specific charge may be, we make sure our clients benefit from the following:

  • The experience of attorney Craig J. Rosenstein, who is board-certified in DUI defense by the National College for DUI Defense – the only accredited organization in the U.S. authorized to award this title. Currently, only three other attorneys in Arizona hold this distinction
  • Insight and skills of a legal team that has decades of experience handling DUI cases
  • Representation for all types of DUI charges
  • Personalized attention and individualized defense strategies

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From offices in Mesa, Scottsdale and other cities, we represent clients throughout Arizona.


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