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License Suspension Hearings – Mesa

After a DUI arrest in Mesa or anywhere in Arizona, your first order of business after hiring an attorney should be to request a license suspension hearing with the MVD. Rosenstein Law Group headquartered in Scottsdale, represents clients from throughout the Phoenix metro area and beyond, from communities such as Mesa and Tempe, in license suspension hearings.

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How We Can Help

If we obtain a good result for you at the license suspension hearing, you may benefit as follows:

  • Your case may be dismissed altogether.
  • You may be allowed to drive to and from work for 30 days.
  • We may prevent any license suspension.

Every DUI case in Mesa or elsewhere has certain common elements — yet each case is also unique in its many details. A careful examination and analysis of those details is an essential part of an aggressive defense strategy for our DUI defense clients, beginning with the license suspension hearing.

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Attorney Craig Rosenstein has demonstrated a high rate of success representing clients at license suspension hearings following Mesa DUI arrests. Rosenstein Law Group offers free initial consultations. We welcome your inquiry, and pledge to respond quickly.

Take Action and Do Not Put Your Driving Privileges at Risk After a DUI Arrest

The license suspension hearing is a totally separate matter from the criminal aspect of your DUI charges. However, success at the MVD hearing often bodes well for the criminal arraignment that comes a few weeks later. Get your DUI defense off on strong footing by working with a proven-effective defense attorney.

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