DUI Consequences – Mesa

Were you arrested on suspicion of DUI in Mesa or any other Arizona location? Rosenstein Law Group defense lawyers urge you to consider the consequences of a drunk driving conviction. You may think you cannot afford legal representation after a drunk driving arrest — but can you afford not to give yourself the best opportunity to protect your driving privileges, your freedom and your future?

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Penalties for a DUI Conviction

In the short term, a drunk driving conviction can result in jail time, fines and fees, mandatory alcohol abuse treatment, driver’s license suspension, ignition interlock device requirement for your car and increased insurance rates.

In the long run, a drunk driving conviction means that you will have a criminal record for the rest of your life, unless you are able to secure an expungement. Some form of negative results will most likely linger. Your auto insurance rates will most likely continue to be much higher than they would have otherwise. Employers doing background checks on you will know about your DUI conviction. For some jobs, this is enough to rule you out — and if you apply for work with the government or military, you may fail your security clearance because of a DUI conviction.

Ask a Mesa DUI Consequences Lawyer for Counsel

The best way to combat DUI charges and prevent or mitigate these negative consequences is to seek out an experienced, proven-effective Mesa DUI lawyer. We welcome inquiries from out-of-state drivers who were charged in Mesa or anywhere in Arizona.

Contact a Mesa Drunk Driving Lawyer for Aggressive Defense

Attorney Craig Rosenstein is confident that Rosenstein Law Group can help any DUI defendant obtain a favorable outcome if possible. The sooner you contact the law firm, the greater our opportunities to help you will be.

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