DUI Defense in Gilbert

We know you have plenty of choices as you look for a defense attorney to represent you in your Gilbert DUI case. We are grateful that you are considering Rosenstein Law Group and welcome the opportunity to tell you about our legal services in person. Our attorneys offer aggressive defense strategies aimed at helping you pursue the best possible outcome.

  • The best outcome, of course, would be to hear “case dismissed.” Many of our clients have had their cases dismissed.
  • If your case continues, the next best outcome is to have charges reduced. Sometimes our clients’ DUI charges are reduced to lesser charges.
  • If your case goes to trial, we will fight to get an acquittal.

Our aggressive defense strategies are carried out with detailed and thorough investigations. Our attorneys evaluate facts and analyze legal factors as they look for the key to the best attainable outcome in each client’s DUI case.

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Gilbert DUI Defense Law Firm

If we represent you in Gilbert, DUI defense tactics are likely to include the following:

  • We will review every fact and detail that is known about your case.
  • We will work to craft a personalized strategy that we believe will be effective for you.
  • We will look into the results of Breathalyzer or blood tests and any other forensic evidence being used against you.
  • If appropriate, we will discuss aspects of your case with expert witnesses such as blood sampling experts, toxicology specialists and police officers. Were testing procedures handled improperly?
  • Attorney Craig Rosenstein, who is certified in forensic blood and urine testing and Intoxilyzer 8000 and field sobriety testing (FST), will weigh in with his own evaluation.

We are committed to building a strong defense on your behalf if you select Rosenstein Law Group. We will carefully consider relevant legal factors: Was it a first-time DUI charge? Can it be justifiably called aggravated DUI or a felony DUI?

At Rosenstein Law Group in Scottsdale, our lawyers are available to provide customized case evaluations for clients throughout Arizona. We are prepared to zealously represent the accused. We are here to aggressively assert your constitutional rights and protect your long-term best interests.

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