Second and Third DUI – Gilbert, Arizona

If you are charged with a DUI in the city of Gilbert, you should know the stakes are high. Aside from spending time in jail, you can lose your driver’s license, be hit with fines, and face additional punishment. This is precisely why it is in your interest to lean on an accomplished DUI defense attorney to combat the charges. If you face charges for a second or third DUI charge in Arizona, you need to speak with the experienced DUI defense lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group. Our Board-Certified DUI Defense specialists can help you.

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The Penalties for Repeat DUI Offenses in Gilbert

Let’s take a look at the potential consequences of a repeat DUI offense in the city of Gilbert.

A second or third DUI offense within seven years of a previous DUI conviction while driving in the city of Gilbert will change your life for the worse. However, there is no guarantee that a charge will lead to a conviction and subsequent penalty. The merit of your Gilbert DUI attorney combined with the unique facts of your case ultimately shapes the outcome of your DUI case. Unfortunately, the laws in Gilbert and the rest of the state about repeat DUI offenses are particularly punitive.

In Gilbert, Arizona, What Happens If You Get Two DUIs?

A sentence enhancement applies to the second or third DUI offenses that occur within 7 years.  The mandatory minimum jail sentence is 90 days. However, 60 days may be suspended upon completion of drug or alcohol classes.  Fines for a second offense DUI can top more than $3,500 – not including the cost of an interlock, alcohol classes, or other fines and assessments. Lastly, a second offense DUI comes with a mandatory 1-year license suspension, followed by a mandatory 1-year ignition interlock requirement. Frequently, an individual will be forced to complete as much as 30 hours of community service and attend driving school.

Apart from these penalties, once the individual’s license gets reinstated, they will be required to obtain SR-22 Car Insurance, which is a costly insurance policy that can cost as much as $500 a year, not including any premium increases.

What if You Get a Third DUI Charge Gilbert?

If there is a third DUI offense within 7 years of the previous two DUI offenses, the Gilbert driver will be subjected to felony charges for Aggravated Driving Under the Influence. A first-time Aggravated DUI offender faces a mandatory minimum sentence of four months in prison, 36 hours of alcohol and drug classes, and the loss of their driver’s license for three years. After the license is reinstated, they will be required to install an ignition interlock device. This is all on top of thousands of dollars in fines and fees associated with a felony conviction.

Most concerning, a felony conviction will result in the loss of civil rights – including the right to vote, the right to own firearms, and the right to run for public office. These losses are on top of the stigma associated with a felony conviction.

If You Have a Second or Third DUI Charge, Call Today for Legal Help

It is clear that Gilbert, Arizona, has some of the most severe DUI penalties in the country. Lean on the assistance of a proven DUI attorney during this difficult time, and you will stand a much better chance of emerging with your freedom intact. Rosenstein Law Group is here to provide the smart and aggressive legal DUI defense that you need and deserve.

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