Trespassing Charges – Gilbert

Trespassing in Gilbert can have very serious implications with maximum punishments ranging from a low-level misdemeanor all the way to a class 5 felony. The various levels of seriousness depend on the degree of trespass alleged. In Gilbert, there are 3 degrees of criminal trespass and the defense team at Rosenstein Law Group is skilled and experienced in defending all levels of criminal trespass charges for clients out of Gilbert. Schedule your free initial case evaluation today by contacting us online here or by calling 480-248-7666.

First Degree Criminal Trespass Charges in Gilbert

First degree criminal trespass can be charged as a class 1 misdemeanor, a class 6 felony or even a class 5 felony. The level of seriousness of the charge in first degree criminal trespass will largely depend on the location of the trespass and the potential for harm stemming from the trespass. To help you better understand the different levels of seriousness one could be charges with under first degree criminal trespass, see table below.

Criminal Trespass Gilbert ChartCriminal Trespass Gilbert Chart

Gilbert Misdemeanor Second Degree Trespass Charges

Second degree trespass is less serious is charged as a class 2 misdemeanor. A person is guilty of second-degree criminal trespass by “knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully in or on any nonresidential structure or in any fenced commercial yard.” This degree of criminal trespass relates to non-residential area when they know or should have known that they were not permitted to be on the premises.

What is Considered Third Degree Trespass in Gilbert, Arizona?

Third degree trespass is even less serious and is charged as a class 3 misdemeanor. Third degree trespass is a situation that is often not thought of by many as criminal trespassing. The situation occurs when an individual is on private property with the express or implied permission of the private property owner and then something takes place which causes the private property owner to ask the individual to leave. When the individual is asked to leave yet remains on the private property, that individual has just committed third degree criminal trespassing and could face maximum penalties associated with a class 3 misdemeanor.

Talk with your Gilbert Criminal Trespass Defense Lawyer Today

In any event, criminal trespass is exactly that—criminal. The way that Arizona law is currently set up, a criminal conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life. It is important to get ahead of any criminal charges that you may be facing and speak with a defense lawyer that will start on your individualized defense immediately to lessen the impact of these criminal charges. Call 480-248-7666 today to speak with one of Rosenstein Law Group’s wining Gilbert Trespass Defense attorneys today. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer free initial consultations telephonically or in person at our office for criminal trespass charges in Gilbert, Arizona. Fill out a contact form here online or call our office at 480-248-7666 to schedule this free case evaluation.


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