Underage Drinking Crimes – Gilbert, Arizona

Across the nation, it is illegal for persons under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. However, like most states and local governments, Gilbert, Arizona handles underage drinking-related crime in its own way. For example, in most states and counties, a teen driver will not be considered intoxicated until their blood alcohol level meets or exceeds .02%. Contrary to the norm, the state of Arizona considers anyone under the drinking age with any alcohol in their system at all to have been drinking illegally and, if they were driving, to have been driving under the influence.

Gilbert’s Underage DUI Laws

While just 10% of drivers in Arizona are under 21, this demographic accounts for approximately 17% of fatal alcohol-related automobile accidents. This startling statistic explains why Arizonans and the local authorities take underage drinking and driving in Gilbert so seriously. However, all defendants deserve fair treatment and a highly qualified legal defense team to support their rights. Our job is to ensure that your rights are fully protected and give you an optimal chance of receiving the minimum sentence- especially for first-time offenders.

Our team will work hard to ensure that the charges you face are accurate and that your case is dealt with fairly, correctly, and appropriately. Police and highway patrol officers sometimes make mistakes when performing field sobriety tests. Therefore, the defense must analyze the evidence provided by the prosecutor. If we find your sobriety test was inaccurate, the charges may be lowered or dropped entirely.

Underage DUI Penalties in Arizona

A conviction of drinking and driving under the age of 21 is punishable with up to 6 months in jail and a maximum fine of $750. Additionally, your license could be suspended or restricted for a period of two years. If you are convicted of an underage drinking offense in Gilbert for a second time, longer jail sentences, higher fines, and a prolonged suspension of your license can be expected.

Of course, the long-term consequences can be life-altering. It may be harder to obtain and keep a job. It may prevent you from joining the military, qualifying for college scholarships, and more. For these reasons and more, it is essential to have a top-tier legal team fighting for you.

Charges Related to Underage Drinking in Gilbert, AZ

In addition to charges for drinking underage and/or driving while drinking underage, many possible aggravating factors can make your case even more severe. These include the presence of other minors in the vehicle, resulting in a child endangerment charge. For adults driving under the influence, higher BAC levels can have an aggravating circumstance, and the same may be true for underage drinkers as well.

Other charges related to underage drinking in Gilbert, Arizona, are:

Legal Defense for Underage Drinking

Persons charged with underage drinking in Gilbert, Arizona, must seek legal advice without delay. The alternative could be severely limited opportunities for work, education, and travel for many years- or even for life. We can help. Get in touch with our Gilbert underage consumption legal team today to learn how.

The attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group can help you find your best option when facing any charges related to underage drinking in Gilbert, AZ. Call our office today at (480) 248-7666 to set up your free consultation.


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