Underage DUI – Gilbert

Underage drinking and driving is a serious crime in Arizona on two counts:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Underage drinking

Either offense is serious, and taken together, Arizona shows zero tolerance for drunk driving by minors. Arizona statute ARS Section 4-244(34) forbids any person younger than 21 to drive with any detectable blood alcohol content (BAC). “Traditional” DUI charges for a minor — alleging a BAC of .08 or higher — can carry even more serious penalties.

If you are convicted of drinking and driving under the age of 21, you can expect to face one or more of these serious consequences:

  • You may lose your driver’s license for up to two years.
  • You may be sentenced to jail time.
  • You can carry a misdemeanor or felony criminal record for a lifetime.
  • Your criminal record can cause problems when you apply to college, apply for student loans (if the DUI is drug-related), apply for jobs or pursue other important life goals. Some people are dismayed to learn years after a DUI conviction that it can hinder their traveling to Canada, for example, or adopting a child. These are just two examples of unexpected consequences of a DUI conviction as life goes on.

Charged With Underage DUI?

Perhaps you believe you are guilty and think you should go to court, accept responsibility and plead guilty to a minor DUI or traditional DUI. However, your constitutional rights are worth fighting to protect. Talk to an experienced and knowledgeable Arizona underage drunk driving defense lawyer before talking to a police investigator or anyone else after a DUI arrest.

Your underage drinking and driving arrest may be frightening. We can help. Discuss your case with a defense attorney at Rosenstein Law Group. Learn how we can help you before having any further contact with law enforcement or the courts.

Free Consultation With a Gilbert Underage Drinking and Driving Defense Lawyer

Contact the Rosenstein Law Group at our Scottsdale law offices immediately at 480-248-7666. We represent defendants in DUI cases throughout Arizona. Schedule an appointment with a Gilbert underage DUI lawyer.


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