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If you were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Gilbert, DUI attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group urge you to have your case evaluated by an experienced defense attorney to review the forensic information on any chemical testing that was done. At Rosenstein Law Group, we find all too often that results of our clients’ chemical tests cannot be proven reliable and should be questioned.

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Challenging Blood Alcohol Content Tests

Police sometimes use field sobriety tests and chemical tests including the following to produce measurable evidence that a driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol:

  • Breath tests
  • Urine sampling tests
  • Blood draw tests

However, those same officers often fail to administer chemical tests legally and fairly. You should talk to a defense attorney if your drunk driving charges are based on chemical tests. At Rosenstein Law Group, we are prepared to examine the following fine points of your arrest and chemical testing as part of our aggressive DUI methodology:

  • Was the traffic stop justifiable?
  • Were you informed of your legal rights before submitting to a breath test, urine test or blood draw test?
  • Did the police officer tell you that you had the right to talk to an attorney before administering a chemical test?
  • Had the Breathalyzer been serviced and calibrated in the recent past?
  • Can police prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your blood or urine sample was not contaminated by them?
  • Was it even your blood or urine?
  • Was it drawn in a scientifically valid manner?
  • Was it tested in a scientifically valid manner?

Should Judges Believe the Results of Arizona Drunk Driving Tests?

An experienced Gilbert DUI defense attorney may be your most important ally after a drunk driving arrest. Craig Rosenstein, DUI defense lawyer, has training and certifications that make him highly qualified to analyze and interpret data and reports related to chemical tests used in drunk driving arrests. He demands that all of the attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group use their extensive training and experience to carefully analyze the results of forensic tests to assure their validity.

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