Field Sobriety Tests – Gilbert

Was your impaired driving arrest in Gilbert justifiable on the basis of your DUI field sobriety tests? Lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group often defend clients before prosecutors, judges and juries on the basis of an obvious answer to this type of question.

Your future legal and immigration status depends on the outcome of your drunk driving case. A conviction may hinder your life’s goals in many areas. Getting a job, advancing in a chosen career, staying in this country, finding housing and generally moving forward in life unhindered by the stigma of a conviction in your past may depend on the results of your DUI/DWI arrest in Gilbert.

Give yourself the advantage of a vigorous defense by a lawyer with a track record of successful case outcomes.

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Were There Flaws in the Roadside Tests for DUI That Resulted in Your Arrest?

Did a police officer in Gilbert seek to make you incriminate yourself through one of these types of field sobriety tests?

  • A pen test, or horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), that supposedly tracked your eye movements while the officer waved his pen in front of your eyes
  • A balancing test in which you were asked to stand on one leg for a lengthy period, “walk and turn,” or touch your finger to your nose with your eyes closed
  • Number/letter recitation test, in which the police officer asked you to recite the alphabet or count backward from 1,000
  • A dexterity test asking you to close one finger at a time

Perhaps you submitted to a field sobriety test (FST) and supposedly failed. Or perhaps you politely refused to perform the field sobriety test after your traffic stop in Gilbert. In either situation, there may be clear-cut arguments in your favor.

Challenging Gilbert DWI Tests

Attorney Craig Rosenstein and other attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group often persuade courts and juries to exclude or minimize evidence from field sobriety tests on the basis of factors such as physical impairments, medications, weather conditions or nervousness, to name a few. Based in Scottsdale, defending clients statewide in Arizona, Rosenstein Law Group is prepared to defend your rights vigorously at every step and in every stage of your case. Our past results speak to our success.

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