Protecting Commercial Drivers’ Livelihoods

At the Rosenstein Law Group, we provide aggressive, proactive defense to commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders throughout the Fountain Hills area and all of Arizona. We understand what is at stake in these cases, and we take the outcome as seriously as you do. You can rely on us to pursue every available option to protect your interests.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you need to take immediate action to protect yourself and your livelihood. For commercial drivers, a DUI conviction could mean the end of their ability to make a living. They are held to a higher standard and face severe consequences if they are convicted. It does not matter whether the driver is in his or her own vehicle or a company vehicle.

Understanding Commercial DUIs In Arizona

The threshold for driving under the influence in Arizona is much lower for commercial drivers because the inherent danger associated with trailers, buses, delivery, vans and semi-trucks.

While most drivers are held to a blood-content limit of .08, commercial drivers are held to a standard of .04. This means that commercial drivers have less leeway in avoiding a DUI arrest and need to be more careful about the amount of alcohol they consume before driving their vehicle. It also means that any commercial driver who is charged with DUI shouldn’t waste time in aligning himself or herself with an aggressive Fountain Hills DUI lawyer from our firm for legal representation.

Penalties for Commercial Driver DUI

Possession of a CDL subjects commercial drivers to additional penalties on top of the normal sentence because of their specialized trade. If convicted, the driver’s CDL will be disqualified for at least one year and their regular driver’s license for at least 90 days.

Commercial drivers face at least five years’ probation for a DUI conviction and will have 8 points added to their driving record. A second DUI offense for a commercial driver within their lifetime can result in the permanent disqualification of their CDL. If the driver refuses to participate in a blood alcohol test at the time of the traffic stop, their CDL will be suspended for one year regardless of the test results. Likewise, refusal to comply in a second-time arrest can result in permanent loss of a commercial driver’s license.

Legal penalties of commercial driver DUI are not the only consequences associated with conviction. Because commercial drivers rely on their ability to use their CDL to earn a living, suspension or disqualification of the CDL can have a negative impact on their quality of life and their family’s quality of life. The inability to earn wages through their job will affect their finances and having a DUI conviction on their record can influence the decision of future employers. There is simply too much at stake for commercial drivers facing DUI conviction, which emphasizes the need for aggressive and effective defense against the charges.

If you are facing a DUI charge, Rosenstein Law Group wants to help you protect yourself against the negative consequences of conviction by defending against those charges. Our Fountain Hills DUI defense attorneys are extremely experienced in this area of law and we are passionate about protecting the rights and interests of our clients facing a DUI charge. As a commercial driver, you cannot waste any time in acting against your charges.

We Will Vigorously Defend You

Contact a Fountain Hills DUI attorney immediately to begin the process of putting these charges behind you. Call Rosenstein Law Group at 480-248-7666 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our dedicated defense lawyers.


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