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A mere arrest will not affect a driving record or cause points to be added to your record.

However, a DUI conviction will be added to your driving record and remain there for 10 years. The points which could affect your insurance premiums, will be relevant for 3 years after your license is reinstated. A DUI lawyer at our firm can help you avoid having these points placed on your record, so don’t hesitate to contact the office today.

Insurance Premiums Spike After a Conviction

A DUI conviction in Arizona is sure to cause a spike in the driver’s insurance premiums. The costs of a DUI conviction go beyond the initial penalty fees. After a driver’s license is suspended by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), the state of Arizona requires the individual to obtain SR-22 insurance prior to the reinstatement of the driving privileges. An SR-22 certificate is a form of liability coverage to show financial responsibility before having a license reinstated and is filed through the individual’s auto insurance company. Once the certificate is issued, it is then forwarded to the MVD to be processed and allow for license reinstatement. An experienced DUI attorney can help you navigate the MVD and often avoid an SR-22 from attaching to your license.

After issuing a SR-22 certificate for drivers who completed the suspension period for a DUI conviction, the insurance company is sure to weigh several factors when deciding how much to raise the individual’s premiums. The individual can be sure that their conviction excludes them from the possibility of a “good driver” discount, but some drivers may experience a smaller hike in premiums than others. Factors that affect the insurance company’s decision on this matter include the driver’s age at the time of the offense, their gender and even marital status. A single 26-year-old male may be deemed a higher risk than a 45-year-old mother of three children. An arrest for DUI without conviction should not affect the driver’s future auto insurance premiums.

There are several factors that may protect against an increase in insurance premiums after a DUI conviction. Many insurance carriers show a degree of grace to first-time offenders of DUI, especially if those drivers are considered unlikely to repeat the offense. Clean driving records prior to the conviction can also have a positive effect on the individual. If convicted of DUI, there are defensive driving courses available to offenders to educate about the proper methods of driving. The voluntary participation in such courses designed for DUI convictions has been known to mitigate increased payments. These courses are different from and will be taken after the individual completes the mandatory court-ordered traffic survival school (TSS) courses as a part of their sentence.

Points for a DUI remain relevant to affecting insurance premiums for three years. That means that the existing insurance company, or a new insurance company, can charge more in premiums using the reason of that conviction for only three years after the license is reinstated. An individual convicted of DUI can expect to experience an increase of between $300 and $800 in insurance premiums after conviction.

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