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Whether it is a criminal speeding ticket or just a parking ticket, that come with traffic violations can be burdensome, costly and time consuming. Traffic violations vary in seriousness which means that they also vary in the severity of the penalties associated with a violation. One important distinction to make in traffic violations arising out of Gilbert is the distinction between civil and criminal violations.

Civil traffic violations are considered to be less serious than criminal traffic violations. While criminal traffic violations amount to misdemeanor charges and can carry maximum penalties associated with misdemeanor charges, civil traffic violations do not amount to misdemeanor charges and will not permanently be on your criminal record as a criminal charge. At Rosenstein Law Group we can help you with your traffic violation in Gilbert. The most common criminal traffic violations that our office sees charged out of the Town of Gilbert are:

Gilbert Traffic Violations Penalties

No matter whether a traffic violation is civil or criminal, beyond the penalties of fines, probation or jail, the Arizona Department of Transportation has a recording keeping point system established which assesses points against an individual’s driver’s license. The amount of points assessed against an individual’s driver’s license increase with the perceived seriousness of the violation.

If you accumulate 8 points within a 1-year period, your Arizona driver’s license could be suspended if you do not attend traffic survival school. See below the chart that displays the number of points a given infraction comes with. The red line is the ADOT cutoff for points accumulated. Once you reach the red line (8 points), your license could be suspended, or you could be required to attend classes to avoid a suspension in some circumstances.

ADOT Point System Gilbert Chart

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Traffic violations that amount to criminal charges can be serious and come with hefty penalties. If you find yourself facing a criminal traffic violation arising out of Gilbert, the best thing you could do is to consult with a criminal defense attorney to help you decide whether or not you could benefit from legal representation. We understand the difficulties that come with criminal charges and we are willing to do this initial meeting with you for no charge. Call (480) 248-7666 to set up a meeting with us that you won’t regret.

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