Pre-Charge DUI Cases in Arizona

You just had the worst day of your life.  You got pulled over, an officer conducted a DUI investigation, and you got arrested. You were served with a suspension order for your license and told that criminal charges would be coming soon.

But How Soon Are DUI Charges Filed?

Often individuals in Arizona are arrested, and the officer does not give them a citation with a court date to appear. Instead, the officer makes the decision, for whatever reason, to wait to submit criminal charges.  This can be due to anything from a pending investigation to not having drug results to oversight.

However, just because an officer did not immediately cite you does not mean that you are off the hook.

The fact is that these cases get charged often, and you risk warrants for your arrest or, worse, the cops knocking down your door if you do not pay the proper amount of attention.

Why do I need an attorney if I have not yet been charged?

If you have been arrested but not yet charged, it is important to find a lawyer that can handle a
“pre-charge” case.  A lawyer provides essential assistance by:

  • Helping to ensure that no warrant will be issued in your case, and if one is issued to have the court quash it before you are ever arrested again
  • Handling non-criminal related matters related to your arrest, such as MVD hearings, which can have almost as significant an effect on your life as the criminal case itself
  • Getting a head start on preparation of a defense
  • Depending on the circumstances, work to stop charges from ever being filed

The attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group have decades of combined experience and have handled many pre-charge cases for our clients.  The fastest way to get started on a good result in your as-of-yet charged criminal case is to come in as soon as possible.  The faster you speak with us, the faster we can help.  Call or contact the Rosenstein Law Group today for a free consultation on your pre-charge case.

How “Pre-Charge DUI Cases” Are Handled by Rosenstein Law Group

Our representation for every one of our “pre-charge” clients varies greatly as each case is unique. Still, we will often contact the officer or detective investigating your case and provide them with positive background information about you and provide evidence that contradicts what they think you did.

After speaking with the officer or detective, if they tell us that they have already submitted their paperwork to the prosecutor, we contact the prosecutor directly before the charges being filed.   Sometimes it may be prudent to let sleeping dogs lie and prepare a defense if charges do end being filed instead of tipping off the police and prosecutor.

What Can Be Done During “Pre-Charge” Phase of DUI Case

While the type of alleged DUI offenses will often dictate what we will and will not do when defending our client’s in a “pre-charge” phase, some of the things we do include:

  • Providing exculpatory information to the investigator and to the prosecution;
  • Filing Ad Min Per Se or Implied Consent Hearing Requests with the MVD to stop your driver’s license from being suspended;
  • Handling peripheral issues like insurance companies to prevent them from obtaining damaging information in case of an accident;
  • Arranging for a self-surrender in the case of an immediate arrest to avoid embarrassment and injury;
  • Working to avoid an arrest and arranging a summons should charges be brought.

Goals of DUI Attorney with Pre-Charge DUI Case

Although the methods of pre-charge work are different depending on the case, the goals are always the same:

  • Prevent charges from being brought
  • If charges are brought, minimize them
  • If charges are brought, avoid arrest
  • Begin preparation of a comprehensive defense
  • Stop your driver’s license from being suspended

Why Should You Not Wait for The DUI Charges To Be Filed And Hire An Attorney Now?

If you have been arrested by the police but not issued a citation or summons with a court date. But you believe that you are under investigation for a DUI. It is essential to consult with attorneys like us as soon as possible to begin the “pre-charge” process.  As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  When your life, liberty, livelihood, and good name are at stake, that is doubly true.

Contact the Rosenstein Law Group attorneys today for a free consultation at 480-248-7666 or online here through our contact form. We are experienced in handling all manner of DUI cases before charges are ever filed and will use all our skills and resources to ensure they are not and protect your driver’s license.


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