Forensic Science Can Make a Difference in a DUI Case

Prosecutors rely heavily on various types of forensic evidence in the process of building its case against you. They present this evidence as if it is ironclad when, in fact, there are several variables that can provide wildly inaccurate results. If you were arrested for drunk driving, it is critical that you have an experienced defense lawyer who understands forensic evidence and knows how to present a strong defense to refute it.

DUI defense attorney Craig Rosenstein believes that knowledge of the science and forensics of a DUI case is an integral part of a successful defense. He and his legal team review the forensic evidence in your case to ensure that the tests were reliable and accurate. You need that level of advocacy when your future is at stake.

Providing The Strong Representation You Need

The key to the success of a DUI/DWI defense is your attorney’s ability to dismantle the prosecution’s case. In many cases, that means the ability to attack the forensic evidence. Our extensive experience has given us a great deal of understanding about how evidence is gathered and how it can be compromised. We scrutinize every piece of evidence in the prosecution’s arsenal and do anything we can to cast doubt on its integrity.

We have presented successful defenses by challenging all types of forensic evidence, including:

  • Field sobriety testing
  • Forensic blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Intoxilyzer 8000 breath testing

In addition to our own substantial background with forensic evidence, Rosenstein Law Group attorneys often call upon forensics experts to provide their expertise for a certain case. In addition to the tangible results of testing, these experts also know about the effects of alcohol and drugs on a driver and how they impact a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. They also testify on crime lab protocol, operations, quality control and overall forensic evidence analysis.

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