Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Testing in Tucson

Defending Clients Against Chemical Test Results in Tucson

Ask any criminal defense attorney, one of if not the toughest charges to defend are driving under the influence (DUI) allegations. Why? Today’s law enforcement usually collects and disclose to defense counsel video and audio evidence (body worn officer camera), admissions (“I had 1 beer”), professional witnesses (police officers and crime lab forensic scientist), and your breath or your blood, or both, purporting to prove a blood/breath alcohol result (BAC result). Which is why you must hire a criminal defense attorney that has a depth of experience defending and fighting driving under the influence charges. Contact the experienced DUI Defense lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group to protect your rights & future. Schedule your free DUI case evaluation with one of our experienced DUI Defense lawyers today by calling (480) 248-7666 or fill out the consultation request online here.

You Need to Hire A DUI Defense Lawyer for Your Tucson DUI Case Today

It is one thing to report a BAC result, and another thing altogether to prove its accuracy Beyond A Reasonable Doubt to civilians fulfilling their constitutional right as jurors. That is not to say that a DUI case must go before jurors before that statement has an impact—practically speaking, throughout the pretrial phase of a criminal DUI trial the prosecutor is fully aware of the truth of that statement, and if they are not, it is your attorney’s objective to make that crystal clear. That is why you need an experienced DUI attorney going to court for you to meet with the state’s prosecutor to discuss the extended blood packet report and potential difficulties convincing jurors that the result is accurate, reliable, and complete.

Rosenstein Law Group Attorneys Have Suppressed Blood/Breath Results

Imagine this, in the case of State of Arizona vs. [Your Name], pending at the Tucson City Court or the Pinal County Superior Court, the Judge in your case just threw out the blood/breath alcohol result. The state’s case just received a death sentence. They cannot go forward with any degree of certainty of a DUI conviction. The attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group have a depth of experience getting alcohol results suppressed, meaning the State cannot use the evidence. In those instances, it is highly likely that Defendant’s case will resolve with no repercussions, or merely a fine, but no DUI.

Attacking the Reported Result – Rosenstein Law Group Attorneys Are Aggressive in Court

Most police departments today collect blood rather than breath for the purpose of obtaining a blood alcohol result (BAC). The State must:


  1. COLLECT the blood (officer blood draw),
  2. STORE the blood,
  3. ANALYZE the blood for a result (headspace gas chromatography), and
  4. REPORT a result (printed report & testify).


The steps outlined above can be riddled with errors, omissions, and failure to follow protocol. You need an attorney that can investigate your case to find the weaknesses and persuade the State to make you a good offer that you are happy with.

The Rosenstein Law Group was founded by Craig Rosenstein and he is one of only a handful of attorneys that is Board Certified by the National College of DUI Defense. The Rosenstein Law Group has a team of attorneys that aggressively challenge the State’s evidence from the start of the case through trial if necessary. When you are represented by our Firm, prosecutors know that they are facing a team of attorneys that are seasoned in DUI criminal defense and highly skilled.

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