Field Sobriety Tests in Tucson

Field Sobriety Tests in a DUI Arrest in Tucson

Police officers in Tucson, Arizona, are looking for impaired or intoxicated drivers on the roadways. Many interactions between police and Arizona driver’s license holders occur on the highways of this state due to a suspected civil driving infraction. Once stopped, if the officer suspects that there may be alcohol on board due to the driving behavior, an odor of alcohol coming from the car, or admissions to drinking; a further investigation will ensue, with the goal of obtaining probable cause (PC) to make an arrest for DUI.

The Problem with Field Sobriety Tests

Officers use many techniques to establish PC for a DUI arrest. The most universally employed tool on the side of the roadway is administration of field sobriety tests—or roadside agility tests. There is no benefit to you for consenting to perform these tests, and unlike refusing to provide a blood sample after an arrest (1-year license suspension), there are no real negatives to politely declining to do the tests. The officer is looking for ways that you mess up while preforming the tests, and will not likely make any mention of you doing a spectacular job of standing on one foot, walking a straight line or staring successfully at his penlight while moving it from one side of your head to the other. These tests are intended to give the officer an articulable reason for deciding to make an arrest that will hold up in court. If your case goes to trial or a hearing, your performance on the tests will be spun as additional evidence that you were impaired.

DUI Defense Attorney in Tucson – Attacking Field Sobriety Tests

If you are reading this page because of a DUI arrest, and like most people you chose to cooperate with the police officer and preformed the tests that were requested of you, there is still a way to defend yourself against these highly subjective tests. The Rosenstein Law Group was founded in 2007 by Board-Certified in DUI Defense Attorney Craig J. Rosenstein. The team of attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group have defended thousands of DUI cases with over 100 years of combined criminal defense experience and are prepared to help you in your fight against DUI charges.

Get the Skilled Legal Team at Rosenstein Law Group Started on Your DUI Defense Today

If you are dealing with criminal charges in court it is important to be involved in your case right away and find answers to your questions. The earlier you take control the better your odds are that the matter will resolve in a satisfactory manner for you. You are invited to call (480) 248-7666, or fill out an initial consultation request online, and speak with an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney today. The team of attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group will defend your rights.


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