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DUI in Tucson for Out of State Drivers

Tourism ranks at the top of revenue generation and employment in The Grand Canyon State. Whether you were here on business, or you were passing through Tucson on your way to Tombstone, or visiting the beautiful city of Tucson for an Arizona Wildcats game, checking out the cacti at Saguaro National Park, catching up with family, or just getting away from the cold weather back east, sometimes unfortunate things occur when you are on vacation and far away from home. An arrest for DUI in Arizona for out-of-state driver license holders is certainly an unfortunate circumstance.

Consequences of a DUI in Tucson for Out of State Drivers

In addition to dealing with the laws of Arizona, which are among the strictest and harshest DUI laws in the U.S., as an out-of-state driver license holder, you will also be subject to the laws of your home state. An Arizona DUI arrest, and if applicable a DUI conviction, will be transparent to your state’s Motor Vehicle Division, police, and insurance companies. Upon an arrest, not even a conviction for DUI at this point, Arizona law is written with the intention to suspend your privilege to drive for 90 days. Upon this action occurring, your home state will receive notification, and you may therefore face a second license suspension from your home state Motor Vehicle Division. These actions from multiple state’s MVDs invariably lead to costs for reinstating your driver license at the end of the suspension, substance abuse screening, and higher insurance rates.

This fact cannot be overstated – Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. Any DUI conviction in Arizona carries with it a mandatory minimum jail sentence and fine. Jail sentences for a class 1 misdemeanor DUI range from 1 day – 180 days of confinement. The fine imposed by the Court for a first offense DUI range from $1,450 to more than $3,165 not including collateral costs such as installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device, substance abuse screening and treatment, traffic survival school, probation fees, increased standard insurance rates and possibly the requirement to keep on file with the Motor Vehicle Division an SR-22, or otherwise known as a certificate of high risk automobile insurance.

Our firm represents out-of-state driver license holders in Pima, Pinal and Maricopa County courts.

Experienced & Effective DUI Defense in Tucson for Out of State License

The attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group are experienced and knowledgeable about the intricacies of representing people that reside outside the state of Arizona in all Tucson courts. The Rosenstein Law Group was founded by Craig Rosenstein, an NCDD Board Certified DUI Defense Attorney, one of very few such certified attorneys in the country. Mr. Rosenstein “has eyes” on all the DUI cases that the team of experienced RLG attorneys defend and litigate.

Our goal when representing you is to get the case dismissed (which is basically a home run – case over and charges dismissed without a criminal conviction on your record), get the charges reduced to a “lesser DUI” charge or a “non-DUI,”  and/or suppress the State’s evidence that they gathered against you. Without evidence, it is hard for the prosecutor in your case to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt of your guilt. Even in situations where the charges are not dismissed, reduced, or the evidence suppressed, the team of criminal defense attorneys that are experienced in DUI cases, hearings and trials, are effective at getting you the best possible result including alternative sentencing and pleas which mitigate your sentence so you can avoid the harshest penalties.

Contact Rosenstein Law Group Today for a Free Initial Consultation on your Tucson DUI Charges

When you call the Rosenstein Law Group at (480) 248-7666 to speak with an NCDD Board Certified DUI Defense Attorney we will walk you through the potential consequences of your DUI charge in Arizona and what you should expect or watch for from your home state. In many instances, once RLG is on board as your counsel, we can stand-in for you on your court date permitting you to return to your home or make arrangements for a more convenient court date on the occasion when you must be present in court. Call (480) 248-7666 now, or contact us online, to schedule your free initial consultation.


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