DUI License Suspension Hearings in Tucson

DUI License Suspension Hearings – Tucson

Upon an arrest and citation for DUI (A.R.S. §§ 28-1381, 28-1382, 28-1383) two actions will commence in two separate venues. First, criminal charges will be filed in a court and an arraignment will be set for the DUI charges. Second, a document titled Admin Per Se Affidavit, will be filed with the AZ MVD which will be the start of the process to suspend or revoke a driver’s Arizona driver license, or privilege to drive in the state of Arizona, if the driver has an out-of-state driver license. The suspension period can be 90 days or 1 year depending on the underlying circumstances at the time of the arrest.

What Should You Do If Your License is Suspended After a Tucson DUI Arrest?

If you are facing this situation then time is critical for you to reach out and speak with a seasoned criminal defense attorney, one experienced with DUI cases. You have a right to request a hearing – by making that request – you have already in most instances increased the time that you will be able to continue driving before a license suspension or revocation begins. That is extremely beneficial since no-one already has a plan in place for losing their ability to drive themselves to work, or school, or to take care of other family responsibilities for 3 months or a year. For the request to be honored it must be received by the department within 30 days.

How Rosenstein Law Group Can Help Protect Your Driving Privileges

It is possible to avoid a suspension altogether – every single case is fact specific – and should be reviewed for weaknesses, or putting together a sound strategy, by an attorney. Craig Rosenstein is the founder and owner of the Rosenstein Law Group (RLG) and is a Board-Certified in DUI Defense Attorney by the National College of DUI Defense. The Rosenstein Law Group has defended thousands of DUI cases and the team of attorneys are well seasoned in defending clients in license suspension hearings. If the suspension cannot be avoided, then the attorneys at RLG are well equipped to advise you and pursue a course of action to mitigate the impact.

Free Initial Consultation Available by Phone Today

Rosenstein Law Group offers a free initial consultation on your criminal or DUI case out of Tucson. You can schedule your consultation via phone or one of the many video conferencing platforms available out there, in addition to in person office appointments that are available. Our defense lawyers can be reached 24 hours a day,  7 days  a week. It is important you call as soon as possible after your DUI arrest to get our skilled DUI lawyers started on protecting your driving privileges immediately. You can call the Rosenstein Law Group at 480-248-7666, or make a request online for a consultation, and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney today to evaluate your case and answer your questions.