Extreme DUI Charges – Tucson

Extreme DUI Charges – Tucson

An “extreme” DUI (BAC .15 – .199) has all the same penalties as a “regular” DUI (BAC .08-.149), and predictably the penalties are enhanced and more severe.

If you are facing DUI charges, even “extreme” DUI charges, an essential thing for you to do now is research for answers and insight. The team of attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group has the experience and skill to fight your extreme DUI case in Tucson City Court. Please contact us at 480-248-7666 to speak with an attorney for free about your case.

Consequences of Being Convicted of Extreme DUI in Tucson

An extreme DUI conviction in the Tucson City Court carries a jail sentence of a minimum of 30 days. Additionally, a potential suspension of your driver’s license for 90 days, fines and other fees, and as much as five years of probation.

A “second offense” extreme DUI (second DUI offense within 7 yrs.) conviction in the Tucson City Court carries with it a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 120 days. The fines and other costs are more substantial than a first offense, thirty hours of community service, License suspension, and an extended period to maintain a certified ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

The team of attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group has the experience and skill to defend and fight for you in your extreme DUI case in the Tucson City Court. We may raise defenses like:

  • No Actual Physical Control (APC)
  • Attack the Chemical Tests
  • No Reasonable Suspicion for the stop
  • No Probable Cause for the arrest
  • Improper Blood Draw
  • No Consent for Blood Draw
  • Independent Test Violations
  • Miranda Violation or Involuntary Statements
  • Violation of Your Right to Counsel

Free Consultation Regarding your Extreme DUI Charges in Tucson

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