Scottsdale False Reporting Lawyer

Police officers and law enforcement officials across Scottsdale, AZ, are employed to help enforce the law and protect all citizens. The process of doing this is made much easier when people are honest when speaking with the police. Those who are not honest with the police can even be found guilty of False Reporting to Law Enforcement Agencies, which can come with various penalties.

What is False Reporting?

The law of False Reporting to Law Enforcement Agencies is covered under Arizona state laws §13-2907. A person commits the act of false reporting when they initiate a report of any illegal offense or emergency, they know that report is false, and they intend for the report to cause the action of any sort by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies, they intend for the report to place a person in fear of imminent serious physical injury, or they intend the report to prevent or interrupt the occupation of a place or means of transportation. A typical example of this may be if you do not accurately tell a police officer how many drinks you have had if you are pulled over under suspicion of a DUI.

What are the Penalties for False Reporting?

While it may seem like a minor offense, the law in Arizona takes false reporting quite seriously. If you are found guilty of False Reporting, you could be charged with a Class 1 Misdemeanor. These charges can result in jail time, probation, fines and fees, and liability for the expenses that are incurred to the emergency response or the investigation of the commission of false reporting.

Defenses to False Reporting

If you are charged with false reporting, there are ways that you can defend yourself. One great way to do this is by stating that the statements you made were accurate. The prosecutor will be required to prove that what you said was inaccurate and will need to have evidence to support the charges. Another form of defense is to argue that the statements and information you provided previously were believed to be accurate when the statement was made. The law requires the prosecutors to prove that you knowingly made false statements.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney for False Reporting

If you are charged with False Reporting, hiring a professional for legal representation would always be a good idea. Your Scottsdale defense attorney can help you defend your case and negotiate a potential plea with the prosecutors. This can help improve the chances that the charges will be dropped, or you will receive a much-reduced penalty compared to the available maximum.

Scottsdale Defense Attorney for False Reporting

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