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Whether this is your first DUI charge or you are facing a repeat offense, the Rosenstein Law Group works hard to prevent the government from illegally shifting the burden of proof onto the defendant. When the state has a weak case, that is their first strategy. When all you need is reasonable doubt, even the smallest details can make a difference.

If you have questions regarding a DUI you have been charged with in Scottsdale, do not hesitate to call our law firm at (480) 248-7666. We will aggressively fight your charges in court.

Fighting All DUI Charges

We can discuss strategies relating to:

We can also challenge any criminal traffic violation, especially when one more conviction will lead to license suspension by the Arizona MVD. Further, we provide formidable defense for those facing drug possession and paraphernalia charges.

Out-of-State Visitors Receiving DUI Charges

Many people from out of state visit Scottsdale for the resorts, golfing and downtown bar scene. The police in the city are well-aware of this fact, and have extra units on patrol solely to spot people who have been drinking and driving. If you were arrested or detained for a DUI while on vacation or after attending the bars in downtown Scottsdale, the lawyers at our law firm will work hard minimize or even eliminate your charges.

Experienced DUI Defense in Scottsdale, AZ

We realize that many clients have never been in criminal court before, and it can be frightening. Our attorneys take the time to explain our legal services, the legal process and the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. We translate the legalese into plain English so clients can make informed decisions.

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If you have been arrested in Scottsdale, each day that passes reduces the opportunities to fight back and limit the consequences. Contact us day or night for a free initial consultation or for information about East Valley courts, West Valley courts or Justice and Superior courts in Maricopa County.