Minor DUI in Glendale City Court

Driving with any alcohol in your system, even if under the legal limit, if you are under age 21 can lead to:

  • Loss of driving privileges,
  • Jail
  • A permanent criminal conviction
  • Issues getting loans, licenses, college admissions, and more

Minor DUI’ s in the Glendale City Court

A minor under 21 driving with any alcohol in their system violates Arizona Revised Statutes § 4-244(34). It does not matter if the blood alcohol concentration was under 0.08 at the time.

Penalties for Minor DUI in Glendale City Court

A Minor DUI is not a simple traffic ticket, but a criminal matter. You can be jailed, lose your driving privileges, and be required to take alcohol counseling classes. The Rosenstein Law Group has successfully helped minors charged with Minor DUI and can help you find the best strategy to obtain a dismissal, reduce charges, or get an acquittal at trial. Contact the Rosenstein Law Group today at 480-248-7666 or online for a free consultation for your Glendale City Court Minor DUI case.