DUI Arrest – City of Glendale, Arizona

If you face arrest for DUI criminal charges in Glendale, you should not try to fight these charges in court alone. A criminal conviction on your lifelong permanent record can have many negative consequences. A criminal conviction can cause prospective employers to turn you down, keep you from obtaining specific professional business licenses, and much more. An experienced Glendale DUI defense lawyer will help you maneuver the baffling criminal court justice system and walk you through this difficult process.

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DUI Arrest Process in Glendale

During every step of the DUI procedure, you have the right to remain silent and should do so until you speak to your lawyer. Though you face these serious charges, the courts presume you to be innocent until otherwise proven guilty. The steps that will usually follow a DUI arrest are below.

  • Booking and processing
  • Charges
  • Notice of your court hearing
  • Notification of your automatic driver’s license suspension
  • Negotiations between the prosecutor, you, and your criminal defense attorney
  • Trial if negotiations didn’t bring an agreement

What You Should Do After a DUI Arrest in Glendale, Arizona

Call a defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest to discuss your charges and go over your options. The criminal justice court system is full of loopholes and confusing timelines. Attempting to go to court for a DUI without representation is never a good idea. A seasoned criminal defense attorney is your best chance for a positive outcome in your case.

Glendale, Arizona DUI Conviction- Penalties

The state of Arizona has many of the harshest DUI penalties in the country. The punishments for conviction of a first offense DUI conviction in Glendale may include:

  • Jail time: Depending on the certain DUI charge, jail time can span anywhere from 10 days to more than 30.
  • Fines: The lowest fine you may face is $1250, and that fine can increase depending on the specific DUI charge you are facing. There are also more fines associated with court-ordered alcohol treatment, screening, and/or education, interlock device installation, and/or jail fees.
  • License suspension: 12 to 24 months
  • Interlock ignition device installed in your vehicle
  • Community service requirements
  • Required alcohol screening, education, and/or treatment

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A DUI conviction can turn everything upside down and change your entire life. It may leave you with license suspension, fines, higher insurance bills, and even jail time. With so much at stake, you need years of experience on your side. A knowledgeable defense lawyer can help you fight for lesser charges and, in some cases, get the charges dropped altogether. We are here to offer guidance through the confusing process, answer your questions, and assist you during this overwhelming time.

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