Medicinal Marijuana DUI Lawyer in Glendale City Court

Even if you have a prescription for medical marijuana you can still find yourself charged with driving under the influence in the Glendale City Court. These medical marijuana DUIs come in the form of two different charges in the Glendale City Court:

  • Driving while having marijuana or its metabolite in your system. It is a defense to this charge that you have a valid Arizona Medical Marijuana card. It is also a defense if the metabolite found is an inactive metabolite only. The other charge is
  • Driving and being impaired to the slightest degree by the presence of marijuana or its metabolites in your system. It is not a defense to this charge that you have a medical marijuana card.

Medical Marijuana DUI Attorney for Glendale Medical Marijuana DUIs

It is a frightening proposition to face a DUI charge for the medical marijuana that you are prescribed. You need an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to help you get the best possible result in your Medical Marijuana DUI case in the Glendale City Court. The lawyers at the Rosenstein Law Group are trained and experienced in all aspects of medical marijuana DUIs and can help you form the best possible defense. They will create an individualized, aggressive, and comprehensive approach to your Medical Marijuana DUI case from the Glendale City Court.

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