Buckeye Medical Marijuana DUI Attorneys

Using medical marijuana can still lead to chares of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the Buckeye Municipal Court. Arizona’s strict Driving Under the Influence DUI law can lead to charges in two ways for driving under the influence of medical marijuana:

  • First, driving while having marijuana or its metabolites in your system at the time of driving. If you have a valid Arizona Medical Marijuana Card when you drove then you have a defense to this form of charge. Another defense is that the metabolite in the system was inactive; for marijuana this would be carboxy-THC. Nevertheless, even with a valid medical marijuana card, you can be charged for
  • Being impaired to the slightest degree while you have medical marijuana or its metabolites in your system. It is not a defense to this count that you had a valid medical marijuana card

DUI Defense Lawyer for Medical Marijuana DUIs in Buckeye Municipal Court

If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence DUI of medical marijuana, then you need an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in handling all aspects of your medical marijuana DUI case in the Buckeye Municipal Court. The Rosenstein Law Group has that knowledge and experience, along with experience and training with the chemical testing methods that the police try to use to prove their case. They have access to many experts that can assist your case by explaining what medical marijuana can do to you while driving.

The Rosenstein Law Group‘s comprehensive and aggressive approach to medical marijuana DUI cases out of the Buckeye Municipal Court can help you get the best possible result in your case

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